Rescue Journal

it has taken three years...

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2010

but squirt is ALMOST a perfectly normal little dog with a couple of issues. he is still terrified of total strangers and goes into hiding as soon as he realizes strangers are here. but his recovery time in accepting new people is taking less and less time. he still is nipping ankles and lower legs when his friends are getting ready to leave because he gets over excited...but he doesn't usually nip hard (sometimes he forgets and it hurts)...and i am working on him not biting me when i leave now cuz emotionally he can handle a bit of negative feedback....(me speaking sternly with my finger in his not bite me squirt...oh he says..ok thx for the reminder.)

he still squirts on everything and anyone and i suspect he always will. but now he at least will go out the front door and he LOVES going for the field runs thx to angelina and renee (good job you guys!)

he still, very infrequently seizures.

this morning he was darting around flinging himself at my leg for his morning cuddle. when i put him back down on the floor, he charged around kissing the other dogs lips (life is good! and good, happy morning everyone!!!.) all is right in little squirt's world now on most days...he is mostly well adjusted (at saints,) feels and gives love freely, and he is happy and comfortable with who he is.

not bad for a 4 year caged puppy mill survivor who failed miserably in 2 adoptive homes, was up for euthanization and spent many, many months..(in some cases a couple of years from our bi-weekly volunteers) in hiding himself from everyone here.

good boy squirt! good work!!!

(for your next hurdle to overcome...i don't care if you squirt on stuff, that is fine...but now try not to squirt on anyone who breathes.)



Good job Squirt! it's amazing what you can do when you feel safe and loved...the squirting part well he's just living up to his name.