Rescue Journal

a couple of quickie housekeeping things..

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2010

there are now extra food and water bowls on the shelf in the back cat rooms to ensure that when existing bowls get picked up for washing, there are readily accessible clean bowls of adequate capacity in handy reach for replacing.

also we all need to make sure when picking up beds during cleaning, that we remember to put them back where we found them...nothing messes up an old animal's head more than suddenly either finding their favorite bed buried in a stacked bed pile or somewhere across the room where they don't like to sleep.

and finally a gentle reminder to all of us to shake out dirt, hair, poop etc from the linens before they hit the laundry is easiest to shake them out first thing (before sweeping/washing the floors)...and it will greatly extend the life of our washing machines.

and a quick story....

The Perfect Match

Kodi and 4lane have been at each others throats (in a very old, crippled dog ineffectual way) since Kodi's arrival. They hate each other almost as much as 4lane and Reggie hate each other. The difference is...they are both a little bit nutz (but not totally messed up like Reggie)...they are both pretty old and not all that steady on their feet....they both enjoy a really good argument IF they might possibly win.

The problem they are encountering tho is they are evenly matched in pretty much every single neither of them ever wins, it always ends in a draw...both of them breathless, upset and slightly dissatisfied because they just couldn't actually win.

So leave it to those two to find a solution when they at the very same time, got really tired of all of the drama and the adrenalin rushing thru their old brains and bones...they just stopped.

They each are aware of where the other is all the time, and they both try really hard to pretend the other is not really there. It is funny to see them accidently standing side by side with 4lane purposely looking to the left and Kodi determinedly looking to the right....and neither one of them daring to look too far the other way.

These two dogs may be total pain in the asses but i like them a lot because not only are they funny but they are really funny because of their total transparency, they think they look innocent but what they are thinking is not quite so pure.....and i think it is funny that they both think the very same way...

apparently great minds do think alike!

good dogs.