Rescue Journal

jeezuz murphy!

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2010

i called the vets to re-order murphy's eye ointment.

the receptionist said.."murphy the cat?" he is dead.

"oh....murphy the black lab?" he got adopted.

"murphy the blonde pom cross?" he got adopted and he is actually dead now too.

i said..murphy the blonde cocker spaniel.

"oh..ok..murphy, blonde cocker...blind? we last saw him in 2005?" died in 2005...the other blonde cocker.

"ok, got him...murphy, blonde cocker 2009"...hmm, nope, that is donny who was murphy when he came in but i changed his name cuz there have been too many murphy's.... he just died too.

oh wait..maybe you guys haven't seen this murphy..he is new... an 11 yr old blonde, fat cocker.. i think it was eastridge vet that saw him, not you..ooops.