Rescue Journal


Nicole  ·  Feb. 25, 2010

Saturday Feb 27th around 1245pm. Meeting will be around 20 minutes.
What the meeting will entail?
All volunteers must sign a volunteer waiver.
New procedure for volunteers – all volunteer hours need to be tracked (this is valuable information when we are applying for grants). So there will be sign in/out sheets located in the MP room that all volunteers need to be aware of.
Explaination of certain things, ie dog walking rule, new volunteers
If there are any 'saints rules' you would like clarification on, things you would like more info about or a topic to be brought up at the meeting please email me at

happy to say it looks like there will be 15-20 of us there - yay!
see you saturday.


Francesca Wilson

Marie and I will both bring something also to eat.


I will bring pub fundraiser tickets to sell ... so bring your money to buy a ticket and some money to save mom's hair!!!!!


i don't know if others are bringing stuff, but i will be bringing cupcakes!!
feel free to bring something, if you don't have time, there will be plenty of cupcakes to eat.