Rescue Journal

james bond

Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2010


he is in very end stage, end stage kidney failure...his bloodwork is back and it totally sucks. at 20 years old, the toughest cat in the world is teetering on the edge of going down. his vet trip yesterday took what little he had, right out of him..he was thin and frail when he left but he was solid on his feet...he is not solid anymore.
bond is still eating and drinking (a ton!) but if he doesn't get some of his super cat strength back by tomorrow, i am going to have to let him go. he did make it over to the sink a few minutes ago to have a drink from the faucet..which meant he had to jump down from the laundry room counter, jump over the laundry room gate and up onto the kitchen counter and he managed that pretty well.

so hope is still floating for a little while more for our least for tonight...and i will never again mess around with a hanging in there, 20 year old cat even if i do want to know for sure if it is kidneys or thyroid..that was a very bad decision....rule number one with ancient not try to fix what is probably pretty close to broken.
love ya bond...catch your second breath, forgive me and keep being strong!



C'mon Bond.....toughen up and break something. Rip the dryer hose up!!


i don't sc cats at the very end of kidney failure..A..he is drinking plenty of fluids..more than enough to hydrate himself but his kidneys just shoot it right back out again...and B...because he is drinking so well, i am not torturing him with needles in his last days when it will not stay in him any longer than what he is drinking so profusely.

end of life around here is peaceful and pain (and needle) free...invasive sc fluids are for cats that can feel better with extra fluids..not for cats at the end of their life where the fluids won't do anything anyway.

my rule is...only do uncomfortable things to them if there is a real and measurable benefit in making them deal with whatever it is i am doing to them...for bond..there is no point in restraining him and poking needles into him..he won't like it, it will stress him out and he wiill feel upset and still will be in end stage kidney failure and at the end of his life.