Rescue Journal

quickies..i have to leave soon for work.

Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2010

james bond was at the vets yesterday for weight loss and increasing weakness....awaiting bloodwork results but i am not hopeful, bond is 20 years old!

chica was at the vets for recent bloody stools. looks like intermittent colitis..bloodwork is good, weight is stable, no bacteria or parasites, no obvious masses. we have some flagyl and pepsid for her and will see how she does.

the US dogs are on hold til maybe next week...transport became an issue due to the olympics...don't know who is coming yet but 3 of someone will eventually get here.

i got to see my new granddaughter safe and well in utero last evening on the big screen ultrasound machine...she has the cutest little feet!

copper is back for the week while lynne is away...he walked in and lifted his leg..then he wagged his tail and said hello.
ok, gotta poke the diabetics and get moving here.