Rescue Journal gotta go to sheena's blog and see some of the photos she took at saints today....priceless and i have not laughed so hard in many, many days!

Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2010



no, not sheena, she wasn't here that day..i thought that was nicole's pic..


Nicole was asking yesterday if it was Sheena that took that great pic of Hana, Todd & Emily at the open house?


none of us know judy...we are not allowed to compare what each of us bring in cuz that would ruin the fun and suspence..the night of the event, the total from everyone gets added up and at 7pm we find out if altogether it was is a wee bit stressful for me not knowing how we are doing but i am trying to be a good sport.

the other rule which i personally think i am not allowed to make a personal donation to save my hair..sigh....that was my brilliant fail safe back 6:55 pm write a cheque to saints and now i am not allowed!


What is the medal count... I mean "don't cut Carol's hair" $ count up to?? Just wondering how much more is needed. Thanks in advance


wow incredible photos ... and witty prose! No wonder her blog is one of the most read out there.


Loved it and have now added to my must-read list. Such wonderful photography!