Rescue Journal

bad goat.

Carol  ·  Feb. 28, 2010

pete the pain

the hardest place in life to reach is the place of acceptence of life's inadequacies and inconsistencies....not even to mention the injustices, unfairness' and utter stupidities that happen for no real reason.

pete screwed up my good mood tonight..he has it in his head that he doesn't have to go into the riding ring to get his dinner...he can break into the feed room and steal the sheep's instead. it pisses me off...if he is not in the riding ring, he is not going to eat..he can hang around the barn in ever hopeful wishful thinking but he ain't getting nothin to eat!

and from now on i will lock the feed room door so he can't break in and feed himself either....bloody self actualizing goats are a pain in the ass.

then i walked into the house and 4lane and kodi decided they were done with ignoring each other today....i was jumping and dancing trying to keep my ankles away from their teeth...that pissed me off even more than pete because i despise any kind of aerobics.

and for my final piss off in less than half an i was heading back into the kitchen..murphy thought he'd be quick and follow....phoebe chose that second to lunge out and scare the crap out of him. i slammed her crate shut, locked the door, told her she was an absolute hag and poured a glass of milk for dinner.

bond wanted some of my milk, which is fine. he can have anything he wants, anytime he wants it. rose is losing weight again...she looks frail tonight. she has a lot of bile in very soft stools...not sure what is happening with her today. perdy is acting anxious..i think murphy's howling while i was out in the barn upset her...dalmations are quite neurotic dogs...i think perdy usually is pretty good but she does have her spotty moments.

i think i am grumpy because early shifts mean about 4 hours of sleep for me..three days of that and i am pretty tired. tomorrow i don't have to get up til 6 so that is a lot better and hopefully my mood will improve.

now please.... everyone be good for the rest of tonight so i can remember that i actually like you.



Carol is being Carol when she calls Pete a *pain*

I call him Pete The Prick. The guy is an absolute dick.

BUT, when I think about him, he is such a smart goat. He knows when and what he's going for. He rushes in with the horses at feed time because he knows his bowl is there. ( i've spoiled him i guess )

If he is in the riding ring he gets ripped off of his grain from that fat goat Gilbert.

And Pete is a lullaby for the horses. He puts his neck directly under Gideon and Czars necks and they stay there and nod off. Such luxury.

I have seen him try it with Lahanie, but Lahanie thinks it's weird.

You're a very very good goat Pete. Thanks for being you.


I love how he looks like he has a toothpick in his mouth.
What a little reprobate!


How can you be mad a Pete? Look at that smile!
Did you know about 10% of dalmations are deaf? Too bad Perdy isn't deaf. Howling might not give her spotty moments if she was deaf.

Great hockey game!!! Yea Canada!!!