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self portrait

Carol  ·  Mar. 1, 2010

i am usually accused of being one of four things...a saint, an angel, a bitch or an egomaniac...i don't like any of them. so i decided to think of an analogy the really does define me. and i found one.

i am dirt.

i am the soil that saints grows in...and i am pretty good at providing the nutrients and the stability that saints needs to put down roots and thrive. i am thankfully non toxic, i am free (i hope!)) of emotional or mental parasites or disease..i am just a good healthy pile of dirt to live and grow in.

i would like to say that i am the nuturing hands that holds saints safe, this does sound much more romantic...but..there are a lot of nuturing hands holding saints now.

and i would like to say that i am the heart who truly loves saints...but again, there are many loving hearts enfolding us here.

so i think i am really the dirt under it all.

my soil is aeriated and fertilized by all of their feet and all of their poop that walks and drops over me...and my soil is blessed by their hearts and souls when they pass away and are buried deep within me.

being dirt is ok with me....i like it better than any of the other four!


(getting pretty good at the photo posting thing too..that's nice looking dirt!)



good one laura!

sadly you are right lory...i was a plant... but that was because of a whole different set of problems....who knows what this life will force me to be next year.
please god, i don't want to be a really thick brick!


Dirt....I like that analogy. So I guess us volunteers can be the long as we are not considered the hoes! :)