Rescue Journal

i am tired!

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2010

and all i did was get in sheena's way for the second of the saints photo shoots. we did all of the dogs (and there are a lot!) except...doris, who did not like it, lucas who did not want his picture taken, squirt, who said absolutely not, and reggie who we forgot.

everyone else was really good...and i know i am totally biased but i think our guys are just so freaking cute (in odd looking, messed up ways.) some were total photography hits...the two poodles, daphne, esther, al, phoebe, perdy, jewel, and champ...born natural models..they loved it and were very good. i think the one who sucked the most was kodi...he wanted the cookies so badly that he just kept leaning too far forward and falling off the front of the couch. for a cattledog..he is not very agile or very smart.

next session will be the cats and the horses. i bet sheena was tired too especially of listening to me baby talk and he/she not beautiful!
i can't wait to see the proofs.

daphne likes to watch tv and bark when dogs come on the screen..i made renee get up from her break to watch her watching was too funny.

james bond i think is doing pretty good..i am actually thinking of cancelling his euth. appointment if he keeps doing so well.

rose however is quite poor. i am not expecting her to be with us much longer, she is starting a fairly steep downward slide. i may take her into the vets on friday instead of bond...but i am pretty sure it is her cancer running amuck now and there is not much to be done. we all really love our sweet, sweet rose.



Phoebe really outdid herself in the cute department when her photo was taken. She sure knows how to turn on the charm.


I hope you share the new photos Carol! I can't wait!

Hugs and prayers for sweet Rose...


I put the Catsitter dvd on for my cats! I have three volumes but volume one is the preferred one. Jenny Two and Toad LOVE it. They sometimes try to smack the screen with their paws! It has rodents, birds and fish on it. Nudge couldn't care less because she spends most of her time lolling about on the bed and Molson can't see it properly. I believe there is a Dogsitter dvd too.