Rescue Journal

last week was forrest gump week on 53 ran that movie almost continuously.

Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2010

i think they did it because of the olympics...why bother wasting a good line up that everyone was too busy to see. so channel 53 being smart..picked one good movie and ran it over and over again.

it worked well for me...with my style of watching tv..up down, in and out of the room..i never see the whole thing..after last week, i am pretty sure i have now seen every scene in forrest gump.

and because i saw it so much..i had one those mind shift epiphanies....

"stupid is... as stupid does"

one of my biggest beating my head against the wall questions is..... (besides is there a god and what the heck is our real purpose in life?) do we as human beings think we get away with the shit that we do?

are we too stupid to know right from wrong, good from bad, reasonable or responsible from utterly insane? if we can so easily pick out everything wrong everyone else says or does..why can we not see the same in ourselves?

i did think maybe it was because of many things..a lack of opportunities with resulting poor social skills, poor coping skills, a difficult/deprived childhood, maybe even a lack of intelligence because human IQ's have such a very large range and some babies do in fact get dropped on their heads.

but after watching forrest 50 million times and he always doing right, even with an IQ of 75...i started to think about the dogs.

i love dogs...but as a species, in comparison to other species..their intelligence is not near to that of a dolphin. and they ALWAYS know when they just did something that they weren't supposed to do..they are just glad when they can get away with it...dogs while not rocket scientists are perfect opportunists.

and if the dumbest dog (i am so missing my beloved idiot tally right now) knows when he/she just did wrong...i finally do humans.

we just hope we can get away with it and convince others if we do get caught that it really was the right thing to do.

stupid has nothing to do with the choices we make...we make them because that is what we really want to do...we just don't want others to see it so we make an excuse, we shift the blame, we deflect the attention to some other innocent who can't or won't the dog or the cat or our neighbor who hasn't a clue that they just took the rap for the wrong thing we are about to commit.

i think i get it now...we do know...we do understand...we just do not care enough to try to do better.

i think what forrest was really saying is...stupid has nothing to do with intelligence...tally was not so stupid i suppose..he was stupid must have to do with behavior and action and not acceptiing responsibility for actually doing whatever...

i finally got don't need to be a genius to try to do right.



Right. It's all about conscience. We all have one. Some people regard it, others don't.