Rescue Journal

rose peacefully ended her life today

Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2010


she relaxed gently into her pre-med and i heard her sigh...ahhh, yes.....

the vet said that rose had reached the end of her very long life. i don't know how old she was, but i know she struggled for some kind of peace and kindness for most of it.

rose touched us all deeply. rose changed us all in some way. rose had six months with us and i think she was thankful for each and every day.

rest in peace dear sweet and gentle dog, you were a very good girl...we love you.



I am going to miss Rose very much. She has touched my life deeply ever since I saw her photo on the SAINTS website. Rose is in a better place now. She has no pain and is free to roam around freely in spirit. Rose teaches me a good lesson – be in the moment and enjoy each day of my life. She learns to trust and love unconditionally everyone at SAINTS and visitors as well. Rose is a sweet girl who deserves love and respect. I am happy that in Rose’s last days, she has Carol, volunteers and other animal companions to love her. I am so happy that she found love, kindness, respect and peace at SAINTS. I am glad that she made her journey home knowing that she was loved and that she would be missed by all whose lives she has touched, especially mine. Thank you, Rose. Have fun at Rainbow Bridge.

Mauro Salles

I can't talk about the passing of a dog, but I sent you something that always inspires me deeply. Heroes? Heroins? Masters? Yes, all Saints.

By the way, it's legally posted on Youtube and I think is a Canadian production. Enjoy, specially the final chorus, if you love The Blues.


rose was the dog saints was made for, thanks carol for giving her what she deserved. i love you rosie, you will be sorely missed.


I am sorry to hear about Rose's passing. I got to meet her a few times and was struck by her warmth and friendliness. You could see that she was a total sweetheart.


When I see that picture of our dear sweet Rose that is the face I see on the front of a book called "Unbreakable Souls". Even though she had been beaten down most of her life...she was able to find that peace and love she so longed for and in turn touched our souls. Thank you for this gift Rosie. I will miss always turning around and bumping into you sitting there waiting to be loved. Run free!


She found her peace, kindness, love, and absolute respect and understanding in her home and in her heart at Saints.

Sweet sweet girl. Beautiful.


i am going to miss her very much, as we all are. she touched us so deeply as life had been so cruel to her but she came to trust and love everyone. i was thinking about her this week and had gotten her a bunch of pasta dinners as she loved them. she was a survivor, and will be greatly missed. l am glad i got to know you rosebud, rest in peace.