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yes, it's another contest

Nicole  ·  Mar. 5, 2010

Colleen mentioned it on our facebook group page. i wasn't going to mention it as i was worried about wearing saints supporters out by always asking them to vote, click, etc.
but for this contest you only have to vote once - it started on March 1, 2010 and ends on Wednesday, March 31, 2010.

Each person that completes the online quiz on charity fraud at during the Contest Period including providing their name and email address and provides the name of their preferred charity is automatically given one entry. The charity chosen must be a federally registered charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency in order for the entry to be eligible for the Contest.

Please remember to vote for Senior Animals In Need Today Society (not SAINTS)

also, to continue to nag - remember to vote everyday in the shelter challenge. 6 weeks left and we are 29th in N. America and 2nd in canada (#1 is up at 23). so vote, vote, vote - please!)

and here is a picture of Perdy jenn took last week (there are quite a few saints animals' pictures up on the facebook group page so please join us on facebook):



Awwww, what a beauty!!!! Thank-you for posting the pic. Most people think dals are not the brightest lightbulbs but I disagree. Mine out smarted me almost every day of her life. She had different little senarios for getting the warm spot on the couch which meant me or my other dog had to move off. If I didn't have my 2 dog limit ............


hi i went online and took the test. if you have 5 spare minutes, besides maybe helping carol i found it very informative and well worth the time. the facts are amazing.