Rescue Journal

and the nightly saintly news....

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2010

murphy went home with kathy k line of the email made me laugh....

My mom is hoarding Murphy and has him on her couch in her room. She
is making it very clear that he belongs to her. lol

the new incoming from california, travel arrangements are now in the making (..still not sure about mommas if her foster to adopt was successful so she may still come or another dog will get her spot if she has a home)

opal is a senior cat dumped at a california shelter when her owner died...i have had quite a bit of guilt over not helping any cats in california because i am sure just as many if not more cats die down there as dogs.

so saints welcomes opal!


larry is one of the little guys coming, he is 12 years old and has a goiter (?) (i think it looks like a tumour)
he does not look like a hot adoption option so he is heading up here.


lola is a 14 yr old with mammary tumours, she also is not likely to be either adopted or rescued so she will be coming to us.


i have asked that they not do the tumour removals down there (which they very kindly offerred to do), i don't want to deal with post op infections because they are stressed when traveling fresh post op, plus i want to send tissue samples off for pathology so we know exactly what we are dealing with. they can save their money to help other sick dogs who are not coming up to saints.

for the local news...

mandy and max are breaking again. mandy is starting with congestive heart failure so we have her on lasix now to try to clear out her chest. max has hurt his freaking neck again so he is back on all of his neck meds.

little griffin is quite the character...this morning he was snarling at me from the door of his crate so i tipped him out to give him his insulin. tonight he is quite the friendly little guy, the staff said he was following them around and playing with them today...he does however like to bug cats.

tyra pulled down the dish strainer to steal bond's cat food and broke several cups in the process...then i had to hold off a pack of crazy dogs who wanted to help clean up the cat food off the floor. this would not have been an issue if there was not a ton of broken bits of cups laying around...the last thing we need is a bunch of stupid dogs ingesting broken bits of glass.

one new local cat coming in from one of the emergency clinics..old cat, bad shape, has URI..will probably arrive in the next day or so.

on a lighter note, today was the cockers (murph, nina, shadow) and felix grooming day with sam. kathy took them all over (and stole murphy in the process..i should have sent phoebe so she could have been stolen instead!) anyway...thx kathy and sam..they all look great. now if felix dies in the next couple of weeks, at least he will look well groomed.
next wednsday sam is coming here..yay sam!!!!!...we will sedate and muzzle andy for his yearly shave.

i think that is all of the saints least i hope it is cuz we can't handle too much more!



I cant wait to come out!! Its been too long, Ive been busy getting my new spine installed (I had double disc replacement surgery in Germany in November.) Im feeling awsome now and im off all the painkillers that I used to have to take. I fell in love with Shadow. What a sweet dog. I hope the swelling on her face isnt too serious though. Sam


Carol, I am so glad you learned to post pictures! Thanks for sharing all the SAINTS!


Usually when I say I'll miss one of the Saints it's because one of them has passed away....this time it's a happy reason... I'm going to really miss Murphy he is such an awesome guy! He scored big while on a trip to the groomers...yey Kathy & family.


Thank you so much for taking Sidney, Carol. You are the bestest. :) xox Jez


you're not answering the phone, i hope you're not relaxing or something else selfish!. ha
anyways, sidney will be dropped off tomorrow around 11am-noon. call me.