Rescue Journal

a saints sad state of affairs...carol is being mean.

Carol  ·  Mar. 9, 2010

it is a tough week for a bunch of foster saints...i am making them come home.

gwen had her cruciate surgery today..she is coming back here for her 3 month recovery. she has to be so strictly managed, no free movement, no weight bearing, no stress what so ever on that surgical repair. and she is so going to hate it and mo is not going to be able to stand it that she hates it...but mo works full time and is away from home for 8-10 hours a day..lots of time for gwen on her own to mess things up...gwen is nine years old. we repair that knee, once, only, we have the staff here to carry her in and out and make her completely rest in between while she fully heals and then she can have the life she wants back again....wait patiently for the final "and then" will come eventually.

joey and peluchie are coming home. after many months of committed trying...joey just cannot master even minimal housetraining, he is apparently still peeing on everything and causing great is one of the reasons he lost his first home. a boston/chi mix....hydrocephalic dogs (water on the brain, like downs syndrome, it is how you get that so very cute dome head and buggy eye look)....not their fault, the fault of whoever thought them up. i am just waiting to hear when they can bring them back home.

copper is at the vets..he may not survive. on top of his as yet uncontrolled cushings disease, he has packed and impacted his entire greedy beagle gut with pounds of stolen bone splinters and bits. the vets are trying to clear him out, he may need surgery if we can't clear him by tomorrow. sigh...there was a reason i made that dog a permanent sanctuary dog..he honestly just cannot live safely in the real world. i am probably breaking lynne's heart but i am making him come back here if he survives. copper needs to be micro managed in every single way..environmentally, to stop him from killing himself and now with the cushings and the probable looming diabetes coming soon, medically too. i have managed to keep that fat little bastard from killing himself for 10 long years, i am not about to let him finally succeed because he is finally free from my bad beagle eagle eye.

the new cat is here, her name is sidney.....she is a total mess...kidney disease, thyroid disease, abcessed, rotting teeth and chronic gingivitis, she is completely emaciated, (literally skin and bones.) she has an upper resp. infection, and open bed/pressure sores. she is dirty and was covered in mites and fleas....and she is 20 years old. poor thing. she is eating like a horse, drinking well, had a bath because she was incontinent of diarrhea on her way here and is wrapped in a fleece in front of a heater. we have started her on foretkor for her kidneys, thyroid meds and antibiotics and pain meds. we have multi-advantaged her to get rid of the bugs sucking her blood. we will give her a week or two of really good medical and supportive care and then we will reassess her quality of life.... i hope she feels much better. sidney is a purring machine, lovely and sweet little cat.

squeaky and hymie made it over to the house a week early because sidney needed their pen. i am so happy to finally have them over here...i adore them both!

marshmellow went for a trial to my daughters house..i hung around for half an hour to make sure that bella would not kill him. i was pretty proud of her...she is totally pissed and very upset but she is being a very good girl (for her)...marshmellow has whacked her twice for getting too close!

anthony hopkins, the bunny, was rushed into the vets today..he ended up with a hematoma from his neuter and today it started to drain. there was blood all over his cage. he is fine, i picked him up from the vets after work and will keep an eye on his private parts for awhile while it heals.

sigh...too much going on around here right now.



oh lynne don't did fabulous with Copper....everyone should be a dog-lover like you....he just outsneaked you that day........little bugger.....he is going to be ok and that is what matters......any shelter would love to have you as a volunteer......


Nice to hear Squeak and Hymie are doing well and that they are being good little kitties.


Hang in there fat are too stubborn for this! Lots of love sent your way Copper.


you did not almost kill him...that greedy little beast is the one who sucked those bones down his throat..and as soon as he feels better, he will do the exact damn thing right over again. your only failure was falling for his innocent little beagle act..that dog is the master of stealing crap to fill his bottomless belly...he had years of practice before i finally outsmarted him and shoved him into the big dog room...there ain't no fridge, counters, tables or cupboards of food or garbage in there! he once years ago completely ate 4 empty dog food cans that he stole out of the recycling...he is not a normal dog...he is a walking garbarator...and he finally bit off more than he can chew.
it is actually my fault..i wanted him to have a home but i always knew he is incapable of living in a home because he has not a single ounce of any kind of self control.

copper's motto...smell it...see it...i am going to find a way to get it.


i am sorry copper, i loved you but i guess that was not good enough. i am sorry i almost killed you and i feel like shit. i do so hope you will pull through and i will miss your little face pearing up into mine. carol is doing what is best for you and i will still get to take you out for walks but i feel like i have failed you. i so wanted you to ha ve your forever home but that was not to be.