Rescue Journal

i better give a copper update so everyone will tell lynne to quit beating on herself.

Carol  ·  Mar. 10, 2010


copper is still very ill. they are pretty sure all of the bone bits are out of him with the many enemas and laxatives..he had a normal soft bowel movement today. but he is still not eating and for copper the world's biggest glutton, this is very concerning.
his bloodwork is back and the good news is, his cushings is finally controlled.

the bad news is...his liver enzymes are over 3000. tomorrow he will have xrays of his liver, looking specifically for cancer. IF his liver looks ok...maybe it is just a really bad case of pancreatitis and we will order more bloodwork to look at that next.
for now..the bones are no longer the issue and we are not altogether sure what the other issue is.

a quick update on
gwen..she did really well with her surgery and i will bring her home tomorrow (i felt bad leaving her there cuz she was in the kennel next to lucas and i could have brought her home tonight but i just didn't want to have to worry about her after losing lucas so i said she had to wait til my lunch break tomorrow....she is so good, the clinic did not mind keeping her one more night.)

and on sidney..she looks bright and perky tonight..she seems stronger to me and is still eating really well.

and finally ..the marshmellow man...bella is slowly getting used to him and is not being such a freak out hag. marshmellow is a perfect match for her because he is so utterly calm in her emotional storm.

sam came and cleaned up andy (he is still partially sedated, but he did very well)...and squirt (he has a mohawk...too cute) and mandy and max got a very quick face trim (we were afraid to do too much in case they broke again.)

that is it for the rest of the worrisome sainted ones.....hope continues to float for sidney and copper....send them positive thoughts that they both feel much better soon.



i already said you are not paying his vet bill..he was a foster dog, saints pays the medical bills on the foster dogs and we will not be discussing it further.

however..feel free to bring in lots of donations to save my hair..we will pay copper-tops bill with that!


thanks you guys that made me feel better. now i am just trying to raise as much money as i can for carols hair. and i am thinking of coppers vet bill. ouch. i will deal with that later with carol.


If copper has cushings and his liver enzymes are elevated, is he diabetic as well?


Rae's comment is sooo true Lynne, Gwen once managed to grab & eat an entire chicken.. all that was left was a grease stain on the rug, Roxie helped herself to a pound of butter & Levi got into rat poison... Thank dog it was not all in the same week. You love Copper & he loves you so all you really need to do is just keep that up.

We will miss Lucas & you were a great friend to him as well... no more beating yourself up, pat yourself on the back for being the caring person that you are & see you on Saturday .


Lynne sometimes it doesn't matter what you do or how careful you they get sick. I'm sending tons of positive thoughts his way hoping he can recover from this. Get better Copper!