Rescue Journal

we lost lucas today

Carol  ·  Mar. 10, 2010

we got him into the vets today but he just kept deteriorating. the clinic phoned me around 4 pm at work and said basically, he was dying. i rushed right over, the vet thinks he had a tumour inside his heart and the violent vomitting episode last night probably started a slow rupture. lucas was 15 years old, and while i was totally worried about his faltering arthritic pain control, the rest of him seemed good to go...who knew our sweet boy hid something so deadly inside?

and here is the thing about caring for very old day becomes their last day and you don't always know til it happens....every day is a treasure with them.

for those who do not know lucas's story...he was an spca cruelty seizure who came in last summer. once we got his pain under control, he really enjoyed his life...he wasn't too fond of the time he spent as a "house cow" with max the crazy cattle dog herding him around, but he tolerated even that really well.

we loved you lucas, you were a very sweet and gentle giant (his weight today was 94 pounds!)

we were blessed to know you and love in peace sweetheart, you will be sadly missed.

(sorry to re-post the same picture but it is my favorite one because he just looks so happy and beautiful)



Although I have only known Lucas for a short time, I love him nevertheless and will miss him and his friends Copper and Rose. He is now pain free and will always be with us in spirit.

Marie Bellemare

My thoughts are with you Carol, Lynne and the other SAINTS 4 legged and 2 legged - run free Lucas - beautiful beautiful dog xx


So sorry for your loss. Lucas photo is beautiful, he looked like such a happy and gentle soul. Rest in peace.


you know what it is a shitty week i lost copper and i lost lucas. life sucks. and i just feel like crying forever. thanks erin for your caring.


i will so miss you lucas. i took you down so many times to the pond early in the morning because you did not get along with jesse. i was there 2 days ago and you came to me so happy that i was there. i so wish that i could have done something for you. i will always remember your happy face and remember that you were special. thankyou carol for telling me about him before i read on the blog. and copper i so hope you are going to be okay i am so so sorry that i screwed up.


I remember Lucas's 1st day at Saints.....picked up as a cruelty seizure...then brought to this new place called Saints.....what he must have was a warm sunny day and he joined a loving group of people in a beautiful garden for a picnic and he chowed down on lots of great food and was told numerous times what a good boy he was. Lucas lived up to that good boy stature...your smiling face will be missed.


so sorry carol. sorry lynne, i know he was your favourite. what a shitty week. frig.