Rescue Journal

the loss....

Carol  ·  Mar. 13, 2010

of almost 200 friends over a 5 year period is hard. with each new one, i go back and visit the others. and i remember that we did survive terrible heart ache before. we did go on because life doesn't just end at saints, sometimes it begins here too.

i need to prepare both here and myself for the 5 new incoming....i need to catch up on a few things yet for the other new ones that have come in recently. chief needs his second felv test, sweetpea needs hers and now that she is out of heat, she needs her spay, ebony and lilith both need a spay scar check and an felv test as well. i need to get these booked so they can all come out of their isolation pens.
griffin needs a blood sugar curve and bitsy, monty and eddie are now due for a steriod booster before their mouths get sore again.

all of the new guys will need extensive medical and surgical work...and gwen needs her post surgical check and suture removal appointment booked too.

and i am thinking that with each loss we suffer....we also have to work thru each new beginning and all of the days in between....
the new ones need to be figured out, the new ones need to find happy and saints is this never ending circle of life and death and caring, that never seems to real ending, no real beginning, no real middle..just a blending of the three.
we live in today, we live in the past, we live in tomorrow too.

that is the circle of saints.


Mauro Salles

No nothing, no anything, no something ... just the moment, releasing other beings from suffering. I find it incredible, because that is the fundamental pillar of ancient religions and philosophies, especially Zen Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. One of the few examples I know of actual practice is in SAINTS and, very funny, you need to know nothing about theoretical rules to accomplish what you accomplish. That is why I say: yes, there are heroes and heroins, but the real ones has no time and don't have to worry about these ideas, "just" do what they feel, need and must do. They give a sh*t to philosophical conceptions. This is a fantastic side of the world.


I don't know how you do it Carol, and all the volunteers, losing pieces of your heart with every passing. I guess knowing that you gave them a good life and a good ending can be healing. Keep up the good work and hope you win the shelter challenge!!!!