Rescue Journal

edith is having a mental meltdown

Carol  ·  Mar. 14, 2010


she periodically gets a bit demented (she is an old goat) and we think it is from an ongoing thiamine deficiency (common in goats, we think gilbert has the same problem which is why he seizured last year.) anyway..the last couple of days she has been looking a bit out to lunch again (the last time this happened, she fell in the pond.)

anyway (again!) since she was a little out of sorts and the vet was coming to see lahanie. he checked her over and gave her the first of 3 very small sc thiamine injections. as far as edith was concerned this was the end of the world. so there she is at supper time...hiding out in a corner in the rain..not interested in dinner, just in how big and scary any kind of vet visit is.

and she is not hanging outside in the rain all night with her little head all messed up so we picked her up and carried her into a dry stall with her dinner, and her hay and her water and she damn well better get over this quick (and not be somehow really sick that we couldn't find today.)
i have enough to worry about edith, please buck up and be a tough little goat....(don't be really sick either, a little bit crazy is ok)



I'll do it first thing in the a.m. Nicole. ( That way she doesn't have to stay contained in the stall all morning. )


don't know when she is due for the next one, but if it's tomorrow I can do it when i'm out.