Rescue Journal

Introducing Larry... sort of

Nicole  ·  Mar. 15, 2010

so cute, so stinky
He has gross ears, which we cleaned out, his skin has obviously been a problem in his life, it's not too red right now, but I'm going to bath him before i head home tonight.
he wouldn't eat shrek's vegetarian i had at work tonight but he happily at the gastro and has drank all the water i give him, which means there will probably be puddles inthe house tonight.
I can't save the picture to our server so i had to post it on our facebook page, i'll fix it when i get home tonight.



everyone is good, very thirsty. it's busy here so i haven't got any further with the picture taking.
Larry hates the kennel. and is pretty sure he can dig his way out through the corner.
Lola howls. and has diarrhea and i'm pretty sure worms aswell.
Jenny is just good and quiet. curled up in her bed in the kennel.


hi larry honey! how are the other 2 nicole? besides skinny, scared and full of tumours? (opal the cat did not come, there was no more room in the car so they are going to fly her up next week.)

can't wait to meet them all tomorrow!