Rescue Journal

and what we are REALLY desperate for right now (besides money) is:

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2010

flat flannel sheets and large, thick bath towels and washable incontinent pads.
if folks can scout out their second hand stores, clean out their linen closets (and their friends and families!) we are so badly in need of these to help contain the god damn leaking weak bladders around here!!!



I will be putting boxs in are crew rooms at sky train, for items your shelter needs next week, still working out the kinks on the 50-50 draw at sky train for your shelter, just have been lineing up volenteers to help me sell the tickets, as we have a huge area of employee's and different departments. Been lineing up people to help me sell them in different departments, so along with that i will be putting big card board boxs out with a list of things you need, first on the list will be flannel sheets,will keep you posted when we start selling the tickets as well and when the draw will be....


I live in Comox and occasionally visit my brother who lives in Hatzic Lake, but I will mail what I have (lots of towels and a couple flannel sheets/blankets) as I am not sure when I will be over next.


Do you want items mailed to 33860 Dlugosh Avenue
Mission, BC V2V 6B2 or do you have a P.O. Box #?


FYI I have checked out both MCC and the Sally Ann in Mission and no luck.


i have a few towels and incontinent pads i can bring out, but no flannel sheets.