Rescue Journal

i love a good heart attack first thing in the morning......

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2010

as soon as i got up, i started the first load of laundry and to my left, outside the window, i barely hear a somewhat familiar but very faint squeak.
i look over my shoulder and there is mango and tang with their feet on the window sill asking to come back in please.
holy fucking shit..what the hell are you doing outside???????? and who the hell else is out there??????
my heart stopped dead in my chest at exactly 7 am.

yesterday, conan the barbarian cat yet again wrecked the dryer hose. it got kind of moist in here before the staff realized the hose was broken and fixed it. they opened the windows the way that i showed them...2 inches on the far left outside, 2 inches on the far right inside with the screen in place and most of our cats (including the fruit loops) are too fat to squeeze thru the open window tunnel.

when i got home at 7 pm...dawn was here with miles, laura was here cuddling felix, jenn was here to watch a movie with her mom and all of the dogs were going nutz. by 830 thx to help from laura and jenn, the floors had clean linens and had a mopping, each group of dogs were out for a pee and poop, dawn and miles were off to meet the vet at the clinic and jenn stayed with me for an hour to watch a movie before she had to leave because she had to get up for work early today.

i closed the windows around 10 pm, never noticing the screen was now out..and that i was missing some orange cats. there are 30 plus cats in this house.
this morning i checked for the obvious...conan is here, so is james bond, webster, and tigger woods. those are the street cats who hang out in the laundry area that are most likely to take advantage of a very bad opportunity.

now i have to make a complete list and check everyone else, which i will do as soon as i finish my tea...but for now at least my heart is once again actually beating, so that is a very good thing.

i don't THINK anyone else is missing but until i eyeball every single one...i am not 100% sure.

so much for the safe way to open a window at saints.

note to not open windows.