am i bald?

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2010

here is how this went....

at 7pm, the grand total brought in to save my hair was announced...
then they said...BUT...

sigh..i hate that freaking word..."buts" make my heart drop.

apparently...kathy k's husband had written a cheque for $2500 if i would shave my head.
so...they gave me a choice...$2100 to saints to save my hair....$4600 if i will shave.


we will owe $17,000 by the end of this month for vet bills (i am adding in 1 senior cat spay, 3 felv tests, 2 senior dog dentals, one senior dog spay and two senior dogs and one senior cat tumour removals with tissue pathology sent off to the lab, coming up in the next week or so.)
damn it anyways.

i can hear nice folks in the pub yelling "don't do it...say no!"

i said yes...
like i can come home and tell the animals i turned away 2500 bucks because i am attached to my freaking grey, old lady hair?
i make them get shaved all the time and they don't get any money for it either.

i couldn't help jenn came at me with the scissors...a couple of tears squeezed out the side of my eyes. i was trying to be a good sport but jeezuz i was about to have a bald head with a big dip in the center because i hit it so many times on a low hanging cupboard.

one of my clients had gotten me a little beige 2010 olympics knit cap so it was in my hand ready to hide my misshapen head as soon as my hair was gone.

oh wait jenn said......just joking...we really made $7600 and dave gave the $2500 cheque to actually save your hair.

give me a freaking heart attack why dontcha? but i do still have my hair.

which brings me to my final thought....

again i am humbled by the kindness and generosity that enfolds myself and the animals of saints in the arms of was a very special night tonight, it proves that little felix had it right. blind faith in the goodness of others is a very good thing to have.

thank you everyone....all of those $5 and $10 donations added up to more than 5 grand! and thank you dave for that extra one, it made the night a perfect blend of drama and happily ever after (after the mini heart attack!)

love you felix, i think we will all rest well tonight.

(oh and sheila will give me a final tally, adding in ticket sales (sold out) our portions of the 50/50 draws, and the silent auction money..but she thinks we made about $10,000 all together with everything...amazing work you was a little stressful but it was a great pub night!)

(i told you my nose would look really big if i was bald)

(me with my hair, and see my nose does look much smaller!..i know i look grumpy here but this was taken early and i was still worrying about my hair.)



our wonderaful laura and ko do. and everyone who supported it do. when is the next one. we had a blast last night. what great fun and thank you everyone for carol not having to shave her head. good times.


Okay... all I remember is the two guys right up front clapping and saying "SHAVE,,, SHAVE... no kidding how did you two miss them.

We did raise $10,000. I was worried because I just knew we had to make more than the bake sale did and I ask you who makes $7,000 at a bake sale.


OMG, what a cliff hanger! As I read, I felt the lump in my throat...still way to cold for Carol to have her head shaved. I am so relieved, sleep tight sweet and giving lady!


I think it just showed everyone that you already give everything to these animals and you were also willing to give your hair for them too. Sorry for giving you the near heart attack! I am an evil daughter ... but I love you. Apparently when I said that, there were some people not just screaming "No" but also getting angry and ready to riot. Happy ending though... you kept your hair and we raised a lot of money for the animals. The suspense was part of the show ... people pledged money not only to help SAINTS but also to save your hair. THANK YOU to all the blog readers that pledged and photos will be posted soon!

Mauro Salles

02:58 am in here and I'm crying like a baby, but "good tears". I'm in doubt: are you bald or not? Just kidding you, it doesn't matter.