Rescue Journal

i do not feel well....

Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2010

and perdy really had to go pee.

i took the day off of work and slept in til 7 am and i am planning on going back to bed as soon as the staff arrive.

i got up because i knew how gross it would be in here this morning (like it is every single morning) so i thought i better get my ass out of bed and do something about it at least.
so i did.

perdy really had to go out to pee (this is the trouble with continent dogs, they suffer like i do when they really have to go.) but first i had to get the kitchen guys out, including gwen, the door knob, who is also continent and in a hurry.

out they go, i clean up the floors, in they come and i shove most everyone except gwen and a couple of others into the other room. i don't want to overwhelm perdy on the way to the door or she might get irritated and scare someone old.

perdy is pissed that gwen is in her kitchen that she doesn't live in but she does think she owns by virtue of the fact she can see it (she lives in the laundry room) but since she can see in the kitchen, perdy does not think that gwen should be in there at all.

so..i tell gwen to come and lay on her bed on the other side of the room so perdy can get to the door and go outside to pee without a dog fight in the middle of the floor. gwen comes over but she will not get on her bed. the only one sitting there is suzie and she and suzie are friends.

"gwen..lay down please."

"no, i can't"

"gwen, please lay down here."

"no, it is wet, i saw suzie pee on it...see?"

oh. fine. i change the bed and gwen lays down and perdy explodes out of the laundry room to get outside before her poor bladder explodes. every one has been outside, now the floors have all had a quick mop, now i can go back to bed and enjoy not feeling well.

i am not sure which is worse, first thing in the morning..the incontinent "pee-any-and-everywhere's" or the "hurry up!! i am holding it's"...they all make my head hurt worse than it has to.



*hugs to all* hang in there and get better soon. You are doing a great job! :)


Nudge sleeps on top of my head and has done since she came from SAINTS. Sometimes she plays with my hair with her big paws but once she got a bit excited and sliced my eyelid.

Jenn Hine

I agree. i woke up with Smarty Pants perched on my hip! And I gave her a few kissed ... awe cat love.


What a great way to wake up, with a cat purring on your head. A cat's purr is one of the most peaceful and relaxing sounds.


Good morning - is Perdy the Dalmatian? What a beauty! Hope you feel better soon. :)

Angela H.

Hope you feel better! I also took the day off today, but the only thing I had to deal with this morning was a purring cat on my head.