Rescue Journal

i spent a good portion of the day on my bed

Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2010

it wasn't all that restful. nicole kept bugging me to hold little biters so she could clip nails. she has so much fun trying not to get bit!
we had a couple of bed day disasters...shadow's lasix kicked in at the exact wrong moment so it was a mad scramble to get the top blankets off the bed before her pee spoaked into the deeper bedding. the bottom quilt was saved but only for a few minutes before 4lane decided he just had to puke on three corners of the bed in rapid sucession.
shit..there were already about half a dozen loads of laundry left for me tonight..the kingsized bed peeing/barfing party added two full loads more.
i have really buggered up my lower leg. i dropped a table on my shin/ankle where the steel plate is wired into my bone on the pub night..and every day since, it is aching more and more and higher up to the knee now too. this evening it is hurting enough that i finally took some advil, i wonder what happens if you accidently dent steel plates holding your bones together...does it eventually just stop hurting on it's own?
this enquiring mind would like to know.

well..i better poke the diabetics and toss in a few more loads of laundry..i really want to go back to bed soon and stay there til i have to get up tomorrow morning.
this would be a boring post, which you might not like. but it was for me a boring day and i am quite happy about that.