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nothing pisses me off more than...

Carol  ·  Mar. 24, 2010

not only a rescue refusing to take back their animals BUT adding insult to injury to the animal by telling fosters/adopters during the refusal to just euthanize.

just euthanize???
and this is rescue?
this is the value we put on those that we save?

ok, now you are inconvenient, you did not cooperate by staying a forever happy bye, bye... not our problem anymore, your death now really means nothing to us.

excuse me...but what exactly makes this better or different or more acceptable than the disposal animal shit that joe public does???? we have a new ancient dog..saints welcomes gracie...very cute, very sweet, very lovely and not near ready to end her life because she became an inconvenient that did not stay out of sight, out of mind but actually needed her rescues support and help again.

if you really don't know what rescue means..please don't do it at all. i am freaking tired of rescuing rescued animals from happily ever after..oops, you back again? ok sorry, now you have to die.

joe public may be ignorant but rescues who pull this kind of shit are lower than the slime on a slugs belly.
one shot only rescue....and people actually donate to you? what kind of fractured fairy tales do you actually tell?

and i ask you....who are the losers out there? joe public has real competition for the winner of the loser in animal care and committment award.


just in case you missed this lesson in rescue 101...rescue an animal...responsible for that animal FOR THE REST OF IT'S LIFE.
telling someone to knock it off because you do not want it back IS NOT AN OPTION!

and..because an enquiring mind wants to know...why do you not want them back? did you not care about them at all?
bad mood at and the bed buddies and my new little old friend are going to watch "2012" will make me perversely happy to watch this freaking messed up world destroyed.



one of my calls today was on 2-14 yr old cats..owner moving, can't take them, she doesn't want to just leave them behind because the new tenants might not feed them. (heads up tracey, hse left you guys a message too!) i still said no (we just cannot take in any more cats right now) but did advise her if she couldn't take them or find them a safe place somewhere, she would have to be the one to euthanize them, she could not just leave them behind to fend for themselves.
she thought i was not very nice or helpful but i was being very nice and polite, she just did not hear the what she wanted which was... sure i have room for 2 more cats.
i am sorry, we don't and i doubt many other shelters do either.
it sucks..this is why i try not to answer the phone, but she got past our staff person who felt really bad for the do i but it does not change the fact that we are too full.


I got a "good one" from "joe public today. Part of the conversation went something like this:

"I need to find a PLACE (not a home)for my cat, it is spraying when IT doesn't get enough attention. There's nothing I can do to fix it."

"Well it sounds easy to me, if you firmly believe the cat is spraying because you're not giving it enough attention, then the fix is to start paying more attention to your cat. Afterall isn't that why you got an animal in the first place, to enjoy each other company?"

"Well, yeah I suppose so, but that was then, now I'm having a baby"

Yes, there was a "pregnant pause" (excuse the pun) by me before I sort of blasted her about commitments in life. I don't think by the tone of her voice she was too impressed with me by the time I was done. Me, I didn't give a rat's ass about her feelings.

That call came right after a call about two 15 year old cats that are going to be euthanised next week apparently(sorry Carol, this post is not an indirect plea to help these cats) because the woman has to move into an apartment and one of the cats is peeing. No vet check done to see if anything is wrong with the cat, just that she found someone to euthanise for $40 per cat unless someone takes them on. My question is: How can one have any animal for 15 years and then abandon them or watch them be killed? When they become seniors is when their greatest time of need is medically, how can people just "walk away" from them. I don't understand their thinking.

Shoot me now, I've had a day of bad phone calls.


Had the same experience with a "Rescue" who does primarily feline rescue.

One of the kittens they adopted out started to pee inappropriately several years later. The adoptor wanted to return the now-cat. I was told the rescuer yelled at her, refused to take the cat back, and then told her to drop the cat off at her vets and they would euthanize it.



i do not know who they are angela..the folks that brought gracie here declined to say...all i know is they are a vanc. island rescue which mostly does cats.
i am just as happy not knowing, much easier to speak freely with disgust in general terms without knowing who i am talking to.

and i doubt talking to anyone who does this will help..i have discussed it with others who do the same damn thing...all have something in common..they all SAY they do take back their animals even when they obviously do not...or maybe more correctly..they take back SOME of their animals..when it happens to be convenient.

but bottom line...anyone who does not take back ANY/ALL of their animals as soon as it becomes not a good rescue..and probably is not finding good homes in the first place unless it is by accidental fluke because the one thing you cannot be in rescue if you are any good.... is morally lazy where the animals wellbeing is at stake.

angela latour

I have 10 dogs presently. I take them from different
rescues and the various pounds around the Province.
I would like to know who the Fucking Weasels are
that foster/adopt out and then don't take back and
say "kill".....Please let me know. This is not the
kind of information that should be hidden. Someone
has to talk to them about this ABUSE!!!! They need
to discuss this with someone, and if they won't take
back then talk to another rescue that will rescue
their rescues!!!!
Please email me back and let me know. thanks


You're right Carol that does suck, it's not right. Glad you were able to help Gracie, can you tell us alittle bit about her. Big, little etc?

Mauro Salles

Ditto. It's said and well said. And I love questions that are formulated in such a way that, in fact, need no answer ... only silence.