Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 25, 2010

2012 was ok to watch...sometimes even planets need a good cleaning out.
what i find interesting is this....pretty much everyone on the planet has heard or read the end of the world/dooms day predictions for 2012....most people don't believe it. i don't really can the mere human race predict the end of the world to a particular day and year? with the stupid human invention of daylight savings time (what makes us think we can actually change time an hour here and there for our cultural work day convenience??) we can't even accurately predict the real time of the day (which one is the REAL time by the way..fall or spring..does anyone even know any more?)

but what i find interesting is...if we even entertain the remote possibilty that the world may end 2 years from now....why are we not better people? why are we not scrambling around trying to make amends with the possibility of a god who might have been watching us....just in case?
are we not a cover thy ass kind of species?

my young adulthood was spent with the very real fear of some moronic maniac starting a nuclear war....everyone had their trembling fingers hovering over the red buttons to pre-empt a nuclear was was truly and massively flawed human beings with the power to make that push the button or not, decision.

many of the younger folks won't know how stressful it was living with that fear. i used to design not animal shelters but bomb shelters in my dreams.
that was when my interest in sustainable, affordable underground housing was born (you can build freaking undergorund mansions, ecologically friendly, easy to heat and keep cool..there are some really good plans available on the internet.) is what i think about the possibilty of the world's end on december 21 2012..if it is going to be quick...every current life on this planet ends one, tomorrow, in 2 or in 99 years...that is what living has a beginning, a middle and an end.

we don't need to worry so much about the beginning or the ending, we may have no choices in those..we need to worry a bit more about how we actually accomplish the middle part...the living thing...that will determine each of our value to the whole of this life.



May as well start eating all the chocolate and biscuits I want if I'm not going to be around in two years time.

Mauro Salles

This is very interesting. Particularly I think the world ends and restarts continuously and, for many people, in fact it ends (?). But if there is a great final event, with date and time scheduled, I will stop everything a few hours before, sitting in a chair and take all the beer I can. Let's drink!