Rescue Journal

nina has made a full recovery from her stroke...

Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2010

yay nina.
doris seemed much less stressed to me late last night when i got home. we discovered her heart rate was really irregular so we started her on some foretkor as a trial and fingers are crossed that she settles out again. here is the thing with cardiac can cause a whole host of odd tachycardia can mirror panic attacks because the animal actually does feel very anxious because their heart is racing....bradycardia (too slow of a rate) can mirror depression because their heart is not beating fast enough for the animal to do much more than sleep.

we have started the basics for the barn yard reno's..(this is what the abbotsford foundation grant is for)...lyle was here yesterday with his machines to clean everything up...the loafing shed needed scooping out in prep to become the new hay shed, the road to the bottom field needed widening because we are fencing off the section closest to the barn so the little pigs have a really big play yard. he was still working when i left yesterday for the dinner i had to go to so i won't see the final tidied up result til later today when i get home from work.

steve should be here soon to work on the actual reno's.


SAINTS Annual AGM tomorrow at noon in the MP building.



Lynne, you can have me in the house if you want? Seems how she needs a ride there you get me as an added bonus and I like to clean. Me & bleach go way back. :) See you all tomorrow.


when you said 10 mo i thought you were upping her to 10 hours. yay, she can come in the house too.


That's great about Nina...and little Doris. I have been very concerned about her. I noticed that Doris did look a bit overwhelmed when the 2 cats arrived. One cat especially seemed agitated (not aggressive), maybe Doris picked up that energy. I hope kitties settle and Doris recovers. I would like to sponsor Doris.


Hi Mo, What time would you like Hana to show up? She needs to do 2 hours this weekend. thanks!