Rescue Journal

chance is such a little bastard

Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2010

but god he is cute. he is hungry but did not like what was in the little food bowl. this is everyone's favorite bowl and i have to fill a million times a day. is currently empty (again) and on the off chance that this time i put something better in it..the mad mongolian monkey has decided to guard it. all of the other dogs are afraid of him when he starts with the vicious here is a tiny 8 pound hairy parapalegic beast chasing everyone away from HIS(?) bowl....he is not very bright cuz that bowl really is empty and i ain't filling it til he goes away...last thing i need is him biting the big guys toes.

apparently it is not just owning real estate that makes one a prick (griffin)......owning a place setting does the same.
when he is bad i pop him up on a karunda pisses him right off and he has a major temper tantrum cuz he can't get down without back legs...hah! peke prison without bars!

heads up greedy gutz....this is what happens when dogs try to become bossy dinner ware tycoons like martha stewart...they go to jail.



Ha , i was wondering how chance was doing, sounds like he thinks he owns the place! Might of not gone over to well here with my two pomeraineans,they are the same with the food bowl! Anyway the 50/50 tickets have been getting sold here at work, we should be through selling them I am guessing in another week or so! Slowing getting some donations in the boxs i set up for your shelter, for blankets etc... i just have to keep reminding people about them, it will sink in soon, alot of them keep forgetting to bring in there old towels etc... anyway will come up there this week to visit chance i hope...


Carol I think your martyr list needs to be a bit longer.....add hand feed Chance.... because "god he is cute" Don't worry Chance I like that you have a bit of a tough guy tude and I will post bail with the warden tomorrow.


I have some Meloxicam and also Clomicalm for you. I will be sending it with Nicole.