Rescue Journal

i am ashamed to say...

Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2010

that i just woke up!!!! OMfreakingG!!!!!! it is AGM day and i should have been up and cleaning at 5 am..what am i doing sleeping in, drinking my cup of tea and typing?!

oh well..i will burn off into hyper speed in a few minutes.

those bed buddies are funny. when i got into bed last night there were at least 10 little mostly black dogs all with their tongues on my face, tying to get into the most primo bedtime space...high against my chest. it looked liked some kind of scary movie where i was over run and covered by large rats. i was laughing so hard many of them got their tongues in my was so gross, but it was so hysterically funny too.

what a bunch of doorknobs.

lola joined the bed buddies...she does get under a blanket and gets all pissy with all of the comotion around her....but she kept my knee area relatively free which is why i slept so well cuz i was able to somewhat adjust my position occasionally.

suzie beat the crap out of my head and pulled my hair as much as she could..that is her idea of funny...i think it is twisted funny tho.

we took doris to the vet yesterday and i am a bit frustrated..she has a cardiac sinus arrthymia which 2 different vets told me (i called our second clinic for their opinion too) is normal in stressed out dogs in vet clinics and there is no treatment.
excuse me...we cardiovert humans with tachycardic arrythmias..apparently animals just have to live with it.
not that i want poor doris to get zapped with electric paddles, but it does make humans feel more comfortable when their hearts are converted back to normal heart rates.

i asked for a low dose of valium to help her feel more comfortable...hoping it works because if it doesn't, doris and i need to have the quality of life discussion..she is not happy, she is afraid..her racing and irregular heart makes her feel like she is in constant fight or flight danger. is move thy freaking ass time..i should have booked the AGM for next month!