Rescue Journal

the breakfast of champions

Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2010


i don't know why i called him the breakfast of champions, but i did.
we lost champ this morning. i think he had a small heart attack late last week and he has been sliding downward since. this morning he refused his breakfast, he was having trouble breathing and walking, he started to vomit too. champ was 15 years old.

it was his day to finish his very long journey before it got too difficult to bear anymore.

champ passed away very peacefully at the vets with laura and was a good death.

we love you champ, we will miss your smile, and i will miss your happy delight while serving your breakfast and supper each were a very good dog.



I will miss you, Champ. You were a lovely soul. I was honoured to be able to offer Champ Reiki the weekend before I went on my business trip. We had some good quality time together. I love you, Champ and will miss you very much. Have fun with the others at Rainbow Bridge where there is no pain.


Rest in peace Champ. I had the pleasure of meeting you earlier this month. You were a great dog !


It's so true what you're saying, Lynne. You get acquainted with the animals at Saints, take care of them. Before you know it they become 'your'guys and losing them is hard. The MP room will seem too big and empty without Champ. As it was without Cleo.


Lynne- no one cares about the odd spelling mistake- we all make them! You have great comments.


We will miss you very much, Champ. Your spot in the mp room seems very empty. Robert and I were always struck by
your intelligent, alert face... sleep well; you were a great dog.


well i guess in comment 2 i did not check my spelling mistakes but i guess evryone knew what i was saying. it is hard when you have your own animals at home that you take care of and love, but also have another home at saints. i feel just as bad when a saints animal dies as i feel they are just as special to me as my own animals, sometines even more special cause you want to take home those ones that have really touched your heart. the only consoling thing is that they are really loved by carol and all the special people that work and vulunteer there it is like having 2 lives, one at saints and one at home and they become inseparable does that make any sense? i am still reeling over coppers death as my home is not the same without him. he is so missed and i hope he will forgive me that i did not do better by him. he was truly loved and i hope that he will forgive me for not watching him better.


A Champ you were...i guess that's why you requested the private suite. Champ you were such a handsome and good boy. Will miss your smil'n eyes and all your tak'n. Run free big guy!


thankyou carol for telling me about champ when i got up to saints and for the chance to say goodbye to a really good fellow. i will miss our short walks to the schoolyard and his very delight at going for his walks. he had a good life at saints and i will miss him too. hope you are now pain free and can run with the young bucks, rest in peace.