Rescue Journal

weekend update for saints

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2010

the dogs really enjoyed the AGM..the new california dogs got to come and thought the free food part of it all was pretty damn cool. jenn got bit in the back of her upper arm..jerry was behind her and he lunged out to nab someone else...sadly for jenn not only does his aim suck but his teeth can actually penetrate thru 3 layers of clothing too!.(sorry the little ass bit you babe.)

doris the morris is better...i am bringing her over here at night once it is quiet and returning her to the medical room each seems to be working so for now i am happy.

champ has left a big empty space in the mp room.

herman was moved over into the barn today, now he won't be so isolated...KO hung the cutest little curtains around his bed for him...he seems to be taking the move right now ok...(hey look flowing strawberries and bananas are in the you want another one??!)

laura did a tour for some nice folks from alberta...they saw saints on "the national" last year..they seemed to really like everyone and had a good time, too bad the weather was so crappy today.

some business stuff....
reminder to everyone that we are short staffed mon-fri until april 8th while angelina is on vacation. we could use help in the evenings with poop and scooping, little dog bathing and maybe tossing some laundry thru.

also re:easter weekend...
brenda is away and so are laura and lana.
no staff on good friday but i will be here..

i am working sat/sun/mon so won't be here
and the staff are back on monday so then we are good (except for being one person short)

i think that is all of the news.

pic of the weekend...phoebe can fly...




I will be there fri, sat, sun.
Also what a great picture of Phoebe.But then does she ever take a bad picture.


okay jenn you can help out in the mp room the barn or the house, that being preferable as i am going to be there maybe with no help. all aside, being the daughter of carol does not cut it when we need help. lol i will be there friday saturday sunday and monday to help out and can give you some things to do, will appreciate all the help we can get. thanks everyone. love those pictures of the dog sheila. way to go erin, geez, like your allowed to have a life.


When I took Doris out today, she was fine, and even broke into her sprightly little walk a bit. She did the same, yesterday in the schoolyard. It is so nice to see.
Robert and I will be in and out, and can help out when we are able.


I guess I would be willing to come out and actually DO STUFF ... but give me a specific job cause otherwise I dunno WHAT to do ..


I'll be here Friday so can do my normal day. And can also help out on Saturday wherever needed.


im not gonna be here either, so lynnes gonna need help in the house all weekend, shit, sorry