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if you are going to post something to nail someone else least post the whole thing, don't edit out the personal parts which are interesting to say the least..

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2010

getting poked again
someone did not like my pointing out an alternative possibility..which is fine. what pisses me off is that they posted part of the response made back to me..they left out the personal attacking crazy shit...i would love to have a personal editor out there protecting me from hanging myself.

in any case, let me tell you something about animal welfare.

everyone has a can easily manipulate folks into believing what you say is the god's honest righteous truth by just telling half the story..leave out the crazy bits, leave out the long history of hate, leave out the parts that don't quite jive with the message you are trying to shove thru...tell your side of the story only and absolutely refuse to accept that there may be another side to it too.
and when you tell your story to raise yourself up or bury someone deeply in the ground..make sure you stick some poor animal in the center of it to get maximum affect...grab all of our bleeding hearts to spit and scream right along with you.
assume those who hear you have no common sense...assume they all live in some kind of real life vacuum and can't see past the nose on their face. assume they can't or won't think any deeper than your toilet bowl.

i am telling you this for one reason only..because i too have an agenda in this...

every single animal welfare agency relys on donations and public support to exist, including provide the tools we need to do our work.
every single time someone starts taking public hits...the public starts wondering. hit hard and often enough and someone in animal welfare is financially going down the tubes....down the tubers can't do any more animal welfare work.

so the next time you hear someone getting slagged, take a moment to think hard and long. do some research, have a look around at both the victim and the accusers. look at their histories, look at how they both do things, take some time to visit, talk to folks, see things with your own eyes...and then again, think long and hard....who is the bad guy?

connect the dots and see where they lead you. do not take someone else's word for it..words can be twisted, words can be omitted, words can be crafted..words do not mean the truth.

tomorrow i am personally donating $100 to the spca to help them do their work...half of our animals are alive today because the spca cared enough to find them a safe place.



yep i say the same thing, don't let the negatives get you down, unfortunitly, it seems in this planet, the more good you do here, the more flak you get, so remember that, if your getting alot of flak!! then the negative forces are out to get ya, so just fight them!! and yes i beleive in evil forces and entities out there, wing nuts! listen to coast to coast radio, its on every night on 98am,but it starts at 1 am, use to be on 1430 for years, its on for four hours, they talk about what main stream news won't, ufo's, saskwatch, its for open minded , smart people, very educated, .... always interesting on that radion show,


I just found you and your rescue last night. Such a great thing you are doing and have no idea why or how someone could critique you for it. Beyond my comprehension.

Keep doing what you are are doing. DO NOT let the haters get you down. You are so above that :)

Jane Stanley

Oh My Carol!!! Good on you for saying all this.
You could have been referring to a very bad situation with The Elephant Sanctuary in TN too.


Hi Carol, So good of you to donate to the spca. When I lived in Burnaby, I used to dog walk for them and there are some wonderful people and wonderful dogs there. Some of the employees actually work a shift and then take home a dog in need of extra TLC. Several have adopted dogs that had limited futures for whatever reasons. That was a nice thing for you to do.

Mauro Salles

It's possible close places that allow irresponsible content, but it is not so simple. Unfortunately, I know very well that sort of thing. So sorry ...

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole and Colleen
Marie and I will be out to SAINTS this Wednesday. See you then.

Mauro Salles

Sorry. I put this message in the wrong place (Cute Overload) => "One suggestion: block the e-mails with offensive messages. Or send them directly to the recycle."