Rescue Journal

i am at work but it was a busy morning at saints

Carol  ·  Mar. 30, 2010

our first group of 16 vet assistent students started today. we did a video and tour of saints and then they helped out with some of the work. fitting 16 student bodies, plus, me, their instructor and the snoopy, want to be in the middle of everything dogs and cats into our tiny kitchen during the tour...was a bit of a squeeze. next week the other half of the class comes for their orientation, and from there on in they will alternate groups of students tuesdays each week.

new dog in...he is a little unneutered 14 year old partially blind, deaf and very thin shitz. i started him out with doris in the medical room, i am wondering how she will do with a little brother. it might make her feel big and strong (she weighs a little bit more than him) and she can show him the ropes of living at saints..hopefully being a big sister will help her deal with her current fears. anyway..hope floats til it sinks, we welcome yoshi to doris's house.

herman introduced himself to tunie today. he toddled on into her day time suite where they both looked quietly at the other for about 20 minutes. i think they were speaking telepathically because neither one made a sound and both of them seemed totally was a bit weird just watching them quietly looking at each other for so long.
ellie has already introduced herself, colleen said she stops by hermans gate to say hi on her way in and out of the barn.
pig interactions are fascinating..i think they are all glad to know each other now.

modern dog magazine is coming out on thursday to do another feature on saints so this week is proving very busy with angelina away!

thank you to laura and colleen for checking on the guys at different times for me in the evenings while i am on afternoon shifts. it puts my mind at rest to know someone is popping in periodically and saying hello.



awww. Doris has a new friend. I think this will be really good for her, a new canine companion.


My heart smiled today with Herman. He confidently yet cautiously strolled out of his "bedroom" ( gawd...what a great job KO etal did with his "suite"!), went rooting around for the horses grains they may dropped and then stood at the entrance to the barn. Sniffing and oofing. Sniffing and oofing.

He then walked into Tunie's day time suite ( Ellie's bedroom) and stood 4 feet from Tunie. Just staring. They stared at each other , as Carol said, for 20 minutes or so. Then Tunie bluff charged him twice. If you have never seen a pot belly pig charge another, I'll tell you it is freaking hilarious. Think of one solid brick jumping out and up for 2 inches. That was Tunie. Herman got the message....Tunie is Queen B in the barn. He left a couple minutes later. But he still meandered all over the barn, shavings area, and all around the outside of the barn. Wagging his little tail all the while.

Herman is a very very happy content pig. YAY! And YAY Tunie and Ellie like him too!