Rescue Journal

they just cannot stand drives them insane with insatiable need.

Carol  ·  Mar. 30, 2010

i come home from work, late at night and they think i owe them something for being away when i should be at home. esther starts it..she starts with the softish reminder...hello were out tonight, i sort of need to be fed. griffin joins her...except he howls..ohhhh caroooool, i neeeeeed my insulinnnnn and accompanyinggggg snnnnnack pleeeeease. max wakes up..oh hey are you home? can you come over here to cuddle me? i lay down on his matt. suzie tries to climb down my neck, lola tries to lick off my face, jenny slips in behind me and starts whacking my back with her feet. chica climbs up my leg and wobbly balances up to my hip and esther finally gets off her bed, crosses over two more to stand on the third bed above me but now she is yelling her need....I AM HUNGRY! QUIT GOOFING AROUND WITH THAT LITTLE PATHETIC LUMP OF A DOG AND GET OFF THE FREAKING FLOOR... I NEED SOMETHING TO EAT!!!!

food? food? everyone jumps up and heads for the fridge.

listen you little wee hungry beasts..i am not making a pile of cheese sandwiches at 10 o'clock at night!

i hand out a bunch of cookies...ooops guess that was not good enough. i open a couple of cans of dog food and i feed everyone one or two heaping spoonfuls...they want more.
jeezuz freaking gawd dam christ..i go to the car for the 2 loaves of bread and i make them their freaking cheese sandwiches.

where the heck did they get such super demanding dog "do it now" power? bossy bastards, they are all supposed to be 3 quarters dead...why are they not resting quietly and with elderly patient grace in their beds?

i am not a rescuer..i am a late night sandwich slave for a herd of starving dogs.....

where is the glamour in that?



There is nothing better to come home to than a group (whether it be two or two hundred) of demanding animals letting you know that not only did they notice you were gone but that they missed you. That makes coming home very sweet.


Elderly patient grace? Most of us senior citizens (two legged or four) don't do patient grace.