Rescue Journal

i eat idiots for breakfast

Carol  ·  Mar. 31, 2010

the amount of sheer idiocy i am forced to deal with daily, is mind bending. i live with kodi, i live with 4lane, i live with reggie, jerry and phoebe..i live with a freaking mini mongolian monster mophead who is as bright as a very dull stone. and i live with that god damn idiot, conan the barbarian cat... who is once again trapped behind the washer.

and if esther does not stop yelling at me to go make her a sandwich, i swear to god i will send her over to the medical and rabbit rooms where a full and untouched plate of cheese sandwhiches are waiting for that other not so bright star: yoshi to eat.
poor louise...she tried everything to get him to eat something today..all she got in return was the pissed off snap of his teeth.

gwen is puking on the clean linens i just put down and nina and jenny are toddling around peeing on every clean piece of linen that gwen actually misses. hello you guys, you are making more laundry that i do not want to do tonight!!!

and the biggest idiot of all? me.....i booked modern dog magazine and the VP of communications for the vancouver foundation..who both want to do a story on saints (but each with a totally different focus) for the exact same day, and the exact same time..which happens to be at 10:30 am tomorrow morning ...which is well before we normally would be even close to finished cleaning even with full staff.

oh yay on my first day off of work after an afternoon shift..i get to stay up even later to catch up on the laundry (we were down a machine today because of pressure washing) AND i get to get up at 5 am to get everything done before 10.

mostly i like to eat other idiots for breakfast..tomorrow i get to chew, choke, and swallow my own stupidity.



i will be out there, but probably not until 11am, because i can't just drop clara off, i have to go to the consult first. hopefully jennifer will be late and we will get there at the same time!