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The Great Pretender lesson 101

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2010

Everyone has an opinion, I have more than my fair share. But luckily, I have a very healthy dose of self perservation so I avoid exposing myself as an utter fool as often as I can. If I do not understand the complexities of the issues, I do not talk about them unless i am willing to learn more about them thru listening to others because I will tell you a few really important things in gaining support for what you believe in....and maintaining your credibility while you do that,

First and foremost do not ever sound like a broken record idiot with a single ax to grind. Do not relentlessly harp on the same old evil over and over and over again. Quit looking around for new and past events at every single opportunity to prove your point or to yet again bring it to the me, after we have heard the exact same righteous rage, oh horror of all horrors, crap directed at the exact same place for the 3000th time...even the most soft headed brain starts to change and quits listening cuz they already know what you are going to say.

If all you ever talk is negative, verbally violent shit, not only is that all we will ever expect, but we are going to be thinking you are one of those utterly obsessed, stalker type one track minds.
Ask yourself...are you even capable of saying something positive? Do you have even the tiniest remote potential to try to see more than just your overly simplistic, one dimensional side of things?

Do you consider yourself a Bin Laden or a Obama...cuz Bin Laden blew the shit out of 3000 lives on 9/11... all he created was more death and destruction and a huge pile of bloody dirt...Obama is trying to make the world a better place. His job is a lot harder, any idiot with explosives can blow up a building but not many are capable of building a better world. I never want to be considered a mindless terrorist, I personally would rather leave my mark as a rational and reasonable person working towards something better....but whatever.

Do not try to win any debate or battle based on passionate and righteous personal anger, sorry but you just look and sound like a fanatical bitterly born again rescuer who had too much to drink.

If you truly want to affect positive change, then learn to talk about issues. Issues do not have names of people or organizations attached. Issues do not have never ending brownie lists of paranoid wrong doing dating back from years before. Issues are impersonal, they are problems looking for thoughtful and intelligent solutions...not some herd of maniacs running amok wielding 2x4's....who in their right minds want those types running the world?

And lastly be not portray yourself as "The Great Animal Rescuer Advocate With ALL of THE RIGHT Answers" unless you have the dirt under your nails, blood upon your hands and shit pushed into the soles of your shoes..pressure sores on your ass from too much time at the computer do not really count as real war wounds.....there are many right answers in rescue and you do not have them all.

If you want to teach the rest of the world how to need to get out of your chair and personally go rescue a bunch of animals. You need to carry their countless bodies home, you need to spend the night at their bedsides, you need to be the one who stays awake at night trying to find ways to raise money to pay all of their vet bills....including cashing in your pensions, mortgaging yourslf to death and selling great grandma's diamond ring

AND..this is need to be the one who not only turns the too many away from your doors, but you need to be the one who not only makes the decision, but holds the ones who you cannot help as they die in your arms. This means you take in biters who regularly draw YOUR blood and pee'rs who wreck every single thing in your house and animals that cost thousands of dollars that you do not have, and who will NEVER find a home. You need to be the one standing at that very front line and physically and mentally and financially killing yourself every single fucking day.


if in the end you choose NOT to do that, then have some respect for the others who can't do it either too. why the hell should they have to when you won't?
Pretenders are a waste of air space if all they can do is rip apart someone else, if all they know how to do is whack at shit and then destroy....however if a pretender can learn to just shut up, think a little bit more than they are used to, to be a builder, a helper, a postive force for intelligent change, if a pretender can learn to use their god given brain and hands to do something positively useful, then maybe they cease to pretend and actually become something of real life value.

if you want to be taken seriously then put some serious time and effort into understanding the complexities of the issues before you actually speak.

it is perfectly fine to have an opinion, but be really careful what you do with it....opinions like animals, need to be treated gently, and with the utmost care and respect or they may just turn around and bite your nose right off your face....and then you will look wierd for the rest of your life.

protect thy nose, everyone can see it.


Stan Labatte

(((((((((((((carol))))))))))) Every time I see this I cringe, who is worrying about the lost and broken souls suffering and dieing alone. Your time is very important, to the suffering and dieing, I have been to your place and seen the lost and abandoned enjoying life. Hundreds of them!!!! How you spend your time speaks very loudly, for who you are as a being. I personally love saints it's my secret happy place I have witnessed so many dark things in my life humanity has inflected on other beings. To see all the sick and broken beings at saints all so happy running and playing had a very profound effect on my being.It was like I wished the world could be, money didn't decide life or death. Having bad manners loss of bladder control wasn't a death sentence. You didn't force them to do what you wanted them to do they all did what they wanted to do. Run in the mud bark jump in the pond. Truly a happy place, if I ever get sick I hope you might consider letting enjoy my days at saints. If your not to full that is. Stan Labatte


"Do you have even the tiniest remote potential to try to see more than just your overly simplistic, one dimensional side of things?

Great post. Plenty of "life lessons" no matter what you do in life.

Sleep well Carol.