Rescue Journal

ahhh, the lion sleeps tonight..maybe.

Carol  ·  Apr. 3, 2010

in any case i can feel the tension inside me easing..i guess i said what i wanted to say over the past week and can now move on to more introspective things.

like why i function the way that i it positive or negative? why do i care so much about others preceptions in and of rescue?

the bottom line is, it really doesn't matter who thinks what....who says what or how. people will either sink or swim by whatever strokes and strategies they choose to employ. the current will decide who it will let reach the shore and who will get pulled down by the undertow....that is the beauty of choice, you get to choose which way to go and the current will just help you reach it's goal.

since i am no good at shoreline watching, i guess i will be one of the swimmers who takes my chances. and maybe i should concentrate on using my strength for getting my strokes right and for getting the animals to the shore safely and let everyone else do the same.

geez, last week mark told me, you can't save them all and it is true.

i saw caspar today..he looks much better..he also looks pretty pissed at me so i hope i can get him home by tomorrow and work on getting him to forgive me.

archie looks good today, he seems to be fully recovered.

maple the bunny does not look so shit hot, she is being treated for a bladder infection.

esther has been nagging at me for three solid days. somewhere along the way, she has decided that my job is to provide her, in her bed, with everything her little heart desires...and i should do this immediately without her having to ask me twice.

why did i think humans were in this for power, it is the freaking animals who hold all of the cards.

the mongolian maniac is doing ok...he is still very cute and very much of an ass.

doris was yelling at me this morning to do stuff for her...she has not bossed me around for the last few weeks so i am happy she is starting again.

yoshi is really not cooperating with the whole rescue can't give him meds and you can't try to feed him without making him mad....yeah ok want us to do nothing and then what's your plan?..please don't be a doorknob dog....stubborn stupidity will not get you far.

sigh..i am very tired..i am going for a nap before i start the bedtime i am tired of listening to esther nag.


Mauro Salles

Just echoing some parts:

=> The animals have all the cards, including five aces, and are cheaters.

=> The mongolian maniac!!!! LOL!!!

=> And, please, the lioness sleeps tonight. "People" say that lions do nothing (it's just an old and stupid joke).