Rescue Journal

i just want to once again thank the weekend warriers for pulling us thru not only another long weekend, but one that was short on hands.

Carol  ·  Apr. 5, 2010

it is such hard work around here to get to everything and stay ahead of the ongoing mess. i wasn't much help on my breaks with back and forth trips to emergency...but the have to's got done and some of the extra stuff too! all of the broken branches and all of the rocks from the lower field got picked up so on my days off this week, i can start repairing the grass.

we are trying to get the barn guys down there a month earlier so we have more time before our water runs out to repair the upper pasture too.

and thank you guys for repairing the hay shelter..the loss of $700 worth of hay would have been a disaster.

because you guys took care of here, i was able to run back and forth for caspar whenever i was needed. and caspar got the medical care he required, the insulin that he needed and the rides back to wellness again.

i think it was a tough weekend all around, but it turned out well for everyone here thanks to our weekend warriers again.



yeah ... except when Mo suggested that it be added to Jenny's cheese sandwiches ... I almost barfed... blaaaa


It was also nice to see Jenny get her fill of the tasty brown treats the barn has to offer.


Over the last 2 weekends I have noticed that a deep LOVE is bloomimg between Andy & .... Jessy..last weekend Andy was sure to follow jessy out of the backyard over to the poop pile.. he was so excited runnning after him 7 trying to get jessy to engage is some sort of recognition of him... Well this last weekend, Andy followed jessy down to the bottom field and hung out until he could not resist the pull of the backyard... but then he came & found him out in the barn with us..and lo & behold...Andy was one of our barn buddies this weekend... it was so great he was milling around with everyone checking out ths stalls & hunting for the prize goodies.. good brave dog Andy


Good volunteers are the key to running any facility like yours. I am glad to hear you have some great ones. As a person who also relies on volunteers, I want to send kudos to yours for helping to keep your amazing facility running!!


My deepest thanks and prayers go out to those who make SAINTS such a success. Thank you Weekend Warriors!