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Sheila  ·  Apr. 6, 2010

For a special secret project (TBA at this Year's Wishes 4 Whisker's Gala September 18), we need you to post your favorite "Carolisms." What are "Carolisms" you wonder? A Carolism is a sentence, phrase or word that Carol has created and written on her blog. For example: She recently wrote that she is a chronic sufferer of MOP HAND She explains the symptoms and causes ... "today i developed mop hand and it really, really hurts.all of the space between my third and fourth fingers of my right hand are screaming in pain. i cannot grasp anything, i cannot pick up anything and if i do nothing, even the empty air between those two fingers still really hurts. i did not know what was happening, i tried to decipher from whenst the injury came. and it was not until i grabbed the mop for the 675th time today that the lightbulb went on..even bigger ouch…oh, it is mop hand again ... i was in a hurry today to get ready for our visitors and i was grabbing and yeilding the mops like a betty homemaker warrior. i was mopping too hard, i was mopping too fast, i was holding onto that mop handle with an unbreakable iron grip, and now i am paying for it."

Another favorite may be SOGGY FOOT. Defined by Carol as caused by "12-18 hours with a foot stuck in a rubber boot. and it is upsetting to see your poor foot all white and wrinkly and worry if the skin is going to peel off anytime soon. rubber boots are meant to be non-porous…impermeable to water from the outside. they also suck at oxygen exchange which is why “Soggy Foot” occurs any case, “Soggy Foot” is for sure a problem in rescue but i am not sure if it is a risk in farming. but it is something to be aware of so you do not freak out one night when you take off that freaking rubber boot and think that your foot died sometime during the day."

Please submit your favorite Carolisms in the comments and we will narrow it down to the top 20. You can submit as many as you like or simply vote on the ones submitted. Thank you for your help in this important matter.



From the arrival of the Americats, Nov 3, 2007 (and I've been an avid reader ever since):

" can be crappy and hard, hell can easily overtake you one day and lucky are you to survive. And maybe by keeping faith and having an open heart, possibly it might get better and happiness will find you again someday."


Carol just gave us another one in her blog today:

Canine Accupulling:

"suzie walked all over my pillow trying to pull out my hair, small painful clumps at a time with her little feet….suzie’s twisted version of..”she loves me…she loves me not”…she says this is not true, she is performing canine accupuncture in reverse (canine accupulling) to help me feel good."


Carol's experience sleeping with a bunch of little dogs......"a furry wedgie"


Carol on the whackiness ...

"whackiness likes company and only the truly deranged can change the world...the reason for this is…normal folks think normal things. and if it is within the normalacy lines, nothing ever really changes...the trick is to eventually make whacky the acceptable norm and that takes fine tuned lunacy to achieve"


Carol, spokeswoman for BLEACH

"the saints humans are all addicts…bleach addicts…and i am the one who got everyone addicted. we LOVE the smell of bleach. i walk in the door at lunch time and the first thing i say is “i smell bleach…mmmmm.” when we are training new people, it takes awhile to get the right mix…that lovely clean and pure smell of bleach vs the “my eyes are watering out of my head.”…the right mix is an art. it is better than a freshly baked pie cuz it means this place is clean. i wish that bleachy clean fragrance would linger right thru the night so i could wake up to the smell of clean in the morning too. we could do a great bleach commercial.
blech. unfortunately the smell i woke up to was one of my worst dreams…diarrhea from one end of the kitchen to the laundry area…you just cannot put a positive spin on starting the day with that. (except i guess someone is not constipated, which i suppose is a good thing)"


"there were two things that utterly amazed me [today].. and i don’t amaze very easily as far as animals are concerned ...the first thing was at 730 this morning…i went into the mp room..and there was THE biggest cow pie sized dog poop..i had ever seen in my life. it wasn’t even regular cow sized…it was mega-cow sized…it would have made the guiness book of world records of humungous cow sized dog poop things.
it was from dusty who ate all kinds of stuff last night to keep her quiet during a special movie night ... the second thing that amazed me was... carl took off into the lower field at bedtime. i told al to go and get him…and that freaking dog actually did. he chased him around the pond (and then got distracted as he found a missing dinosaur that he had to bring to me)

i said…no go get that freaking carl so he ran back down the hill and chased carl right back up for me.

i tried it again with edith but by then al’s work was done and he wanted me to throw the dinosaur for him cuz apparently he only retrieves one real animal a night…but worked well for me!

and just so you don’t think i am bullshitting…laura saw the whole freaking thing!"



"stonehenge has a perfect mystical circle of stones…
saints has a perfect mysterious circle of liquid pooh…who the heck has diarrhea now?..i bet it is nina, she is a circular pooper.

can’t sleep…my neck and shoulder are bugging me and i ... i am wide awake with a pain in my neck.

oh well, at least i found the midnight pooh circle before it got smeared everywhere"


"i get really frustrated when both of the scooper things have disappeared from the poop shovels…where the heck are they????? the dogs are still pooping but i ain’t scooping cuz they have disappeared. i am contemplating murder of whoever has lost them ... do you know how hard it is to find really good poop scoopers? 99.9% of them are crap"


"i think everyone should know…that i am not a nice person. i am a good person, and a kind person but i am not nice. nice is for people with alot of time on their hands, i don’t, and i really resent wasting my time ... so for everyone who thinks saints is named after me…it isn’t and right now it isn’t named after alot of the animals either cuz some of them aren’t much nicer than me"


"this enquiring mind wants to know, i am on a quest to define my normal. cuz if it is normal to be innocently ignorant, then i want to go there too"


the weiner is in high speed...the front half knows where it is going, her ass doesn't have a clue.


From: "21/12/2012"
"We don't need to worry so much about the beginning or the ending, we may have no choices in those...we need to worry a bit more about how we actually accomplish the middle part...the living thing...that will determine each of our value to the whole of this life"

...wise words!


I always like the name you gave to our garbage dump girl that eventually became gave her the name NOD..Not Our Dog!


"always clean up one’s own back yard first before looking over the neighbors fence"

Words of Wisdom from October, 2007


Carol on life ... "we don’t always have alot of time to muck around. life has a bad habit of crapping out on us without much warning"


Loved it when Carol was in the field and talking with Percy(the cow) and telling him what a "good dog" he was!!


"holy fucking shit!" when the cats were sneaking out the laundry room window...

Mauro Salles


"i try to train myself to look deeper than the superficial surface..i want to see what is underneath.
good luck on this one too…for now i am just peering into puddles to see if there is anything in there. i suppose you have to start somewhere."


Speaking of which ...


"hope floats til it sinks…god please keep this crippled and full noah’s ark safely and happily afloat and please help me not go completely insane"