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the worst thing that life has given me is...

Carol  ·  Apr. 7, 2010

a crappy back...i hate not being able to bend over and pick up poop at my is what i have to do first thing in the morning or i just cannot enjoy a cup of tea.

oh could be worse.

i don't know if anyone else has noticed, but tyra is starting to lose her hearing....every time i notice a new sign of aging it makes me sad...oh well again, nothing i can do about that.

i just sent gwen out the front door..i told her to get out of my house and stay out. she is pissy with the frail ones...she already scared archie who is still seizuring today, she scared little mandy who was just walking by, and she startled jewel right off the yoga matt and jewel fell over like a beached whale on her back.

i had to keep my anger in and could not make gwen run out quick, we had to walk out slowly and gently...then i slammed the freaking door so she would know i was mad.
there are too many sick and frail for her to be pulling that piss off shit...and i cannot send her into the big dog room cuz she will probably wreck her knee trying to kill kodi or jerry so no point in that.

anyway, she can either deal and put up with living with everyone here or i will clean up the shop pen and stick her alone over there.

let me tell you something about dogs...there is a difference between not being able to help who you are, like kodi, like reggie, like phoebe...and dogs who make conscious choices to act like assholes occasionally just because they feel entitled to act like that today.

my nice or get out of everyone's way.

and don't be stupid enough to be a bully on a morning when my back hurts and i cannot pick up mood will be worse than your mood....and you will be heading right out the front door so the frail ones can wander around without worry.


lola had her surgey yesterday and larry has his today. they both can come home later today.

archie as i said is still seizuring periodically..this is not good, he is almost 18 yrs old...i f he doesn't get control soon, it is the end of the road. it takes about a week to build up the blood levels of phenobarb to even start goofing around with the dose. i don't think he can handle a week or two or three or four of daily seizures so i am really worried about him right now (which is why GWEN! it is not a good idea to be upsetting him more!)

we had the second half of the vet assistent students for their orientation here yesterday...14 extra bodies is a lot to work into the day. next thursday the whole class is coming...32 students ought to be interesting, it is a good thing i am off and here on that day.

today nicole is coming with a couple of vets and vet techs from work for a volunteer day so i have to make up a list of who needs to be checked over and why before i go to work....omg a day of free medical that is a real gift!

tomorrow or friday, we are again trying for the modern dog interview and photo depends on the weather,,,but please send positive thoughts for one sunny day because it is a lot of work to get ready early enough in the morning and then have the weather crap out an hour or two later.

gwen wants in...she better be a good girl now.



yes, buttons is driving me nuts with his neediness since clara's been gone. i'll be coming up tomorrow morning to get him.
i get in trouble at work for buttons' weight which is 6.8kgs (he gained a kilo in 7 months in my care), i can't imagine what they will say about harvey. atleast he's not as big as scrappie!


Hey Nicole, did I just hear you say pick up Harvey...that is a task in itself he is a big boy. So does this mean he has a new home? I so love him and will be soooo thrilled if it is so...I will have to give you a big hug! I will make sure I go up tonight to give my boy a kiss and tell him how very lucky he is.


didn't fully read your post until now.
i was chatting away to tyra and she didn't turn her head to me. i thought, what a bag? she's ignoring me. called her name louder, still nothing. clapped, and she, turned, like oh hey you, what's up. poor dear. if she was a bad dog like carley it gives you an excuse to yell at her (that's how i like to see it). but she's super tyra, pretty sure she's deserves a hearing aid.


it was quite the day, elle was in a bit of a mood though, never seen her quite like that. she wouldn't even roll over for a belly rub. very weird.
i didn't get to look at his ear or jesse's. we were running out of time, i'll be back up there probably on friday or saturday to pick up harvey and will clean it again. i'll need someone to hold him as he's a big baby. also i need some help with jesse as he too is a big baby.


Just wanna' give a big WAHOO!! to Nicole and the crew that came out to check up the guys. Good on you!

( I'm sure you looked at Al's is it? )

Francesca Wilson

I don't mean to be mean but the image of dear Jewel falling off her yoga mat like a beached whale was hilarious. They are all so funny in their ways.