Rescue Journal

angie left us yesterday

Carol  ·  Apr. 8, 2010


we took the opportunity of having vets on site to help her pass peacefully from home.

angie was a 17 year old cat who came to us about a year ago. her elderly owner had passed away and his son who knew how much his dad loved his little cat, tried to give her a good home. sadly the resident dog was not so welcoming, he chased angie a few times and then she refused to enter the house anymore. the son was worried about her spending the winter outside and if she would get enough to eat because the racoons kept stealing her food.

living outside had been difficult for her, she was old, she had progressive kidney disease, she was arthritic and her coat deeply matted because she could no longer groom herself. angie came to live at saints, we tuned her up a bit, she did very well. angie lived in our medical room because she was too old and frail (and afraid of dogs) to live in the house.

angie was happy. she had her routine, she had her friendly servants to make sure she had all that she need. she had her other feline friends to spend the day with, and actually was fine with doris moving in too...(doris is very polite and kind to cats.)

for the last few months, angie, spent a lot of her time in her bed up on the table with her food and water bowls in easy reach. a week ago i had to add a litter box for her because she was having difficulty getting up and down. she liked it up there, the table was stragically placed so she could easily greet any one entering from either door.

angie was the perfect greeter.... enthusiastic, welcoming, happy to see was so nice to be welcomed in there with such open paws.

angie has been becoming increasingly weak and we were not controlling her discomfort as well as we were before. she started falling and for her own safety, she had to be moved back down to the floor. angie like many of our extreme elderly had started her downward slide. life was becoming too difficult, too much work for her, too many losses of independence which she did not really like.

life was just beginning to become a burden in living for her and we had to make a decision based on her ongoing quality of life.

rest in peace little angie, you were a truly lovely cat and the medical room seems empty without you to say hello.



Thank you Carol and everyone at SAINTS for making Angie's final days comfortable and peacefull. I know how much my father loved her and if there is a Heaven, I know shes up on his lap getting hand fed tuna treats right now............ RIP Angie Bear


Despite your health issues, you were still a warm and friendly little cat. You had such a huge, lovable personality. R.I.P. Angie.


It was an honour and a great pleasure in being one of Angie's servants. I looked forward to going in the medical room and seeing her. She was a petite cat with a huge personality. I'm glad she found comfort at SAINTS for her final year.
There will be a very large and noticable hole the next time I enter the medical room.
You take care Angie, I'm going to miss you.


During my evening Saints check yesterday I noticed right away my friendly little greeter was missing. Angie you were the sweetest girl and will be missed.