Rescue Journal

the not so helpful loving that goes on in rescue....

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2010

gwen and yoshi were in for their vet checks yesterday. gwen had stretched or broken one of the knee implants..luckily the vet had put in 2..but she is back on restricted rest for another 3 weeks.
yoshi had an xray of his enlarged prostate...we will need to do some more diagnostics before we remove his very rotten teeth....if it is malignant, there is no point putting him thru major dental surgery.

i had to go to bed for a couple of hours last night with some zantac so i didn't puke. the problem with this plan is..the bed buddies are deadly to someone with a real stomach upset.

you have to understand how they work as a group...their united, common goal is to get as up and close and personal as possible. they do not just want to lay next to me....they want to become "one" with me...if they could thump their fat, little bodies right into me, to sink in me like some kind of giant, warm and soft pillow, they would. daphne, chica, joey and prudence were trying to swallow my face, caspar, jerry, peluchie had pushed themselves hard into my back and belly and angel had her throat pushed deep against my throat which was not good for someone holding back on a sensitive gag reflex. 4lane and little big bud and shadow had my legs wedged immobile while suzie walked all over my pillow trying to pull out my hair, small painful clumps at a time with her little feet....suzie's twisted version of.."she loves me...she loves me not"...she says this is not true, she is performing canine accupuncture in reverse (canine accupulling) to help me feel good.

it was torture..i stayed in bed just long enough for the zantac to somewhat calm the gastric storm within and then got up and did laundry....still feeling queasy today...must be stress stomach over reacts if i worry too big.

modern dog IS coming today...i hope i do not puke on the tour....that would make for an interesting photo opportunity...rescuer barfing....ever helpful herd of dogs all charging in to see exactly what she had been eating...gross but too true.

sadly, we have few real boundries between us.



Note to weekend volunteers: I am unable to come this Sunday - sick with the flu and bronchitis, Sorry!


LOL about the puke!! It's like when one of my cats or the dog pukes and all the rest of the animals come running to see what treats await them!

Hey, it saves me having to clean it up. :-)