Rescue Journal

today was like the weather...

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2010

all over the emotional map.
it hailed, it snowed, the sun shone brightly, at times the wind was cold and then it felt warm again.

modern dog magazine was here for at least four hours...some of the dogs sort of cooperated, others were more interested in yelling for more treats. apparently we will be in the june issue..they will be highlighting several of the dogs with their stories attached.
the mongolian madman was a born natural at photograpy cuteness, daphne was a little bugger flying thru everyone's shots looking for treats. kodi was crazy but we got a good couple of shots of him looking not too crazy...jenny, esther and peluchi were pretty good, but molly and larry and al were the winners in great models today.

our friend shelly came with them as an assistent as a favor to them..this was great because she knows alot about saints and the saintly morons who reside here and she knows about photography too. it was great to see her again and a pleasant surprize to see her as part of their crew.

the rest of the day was a huge downer...when the going gets tough, tough decisions need to be made. i cut all of the staff hours by 3 hrs per day total and louise agreed to take a full layoff, the loss of louise is a huge loss to saints but with the hours cut, it saves us a total of 9 hours in wages a day. this means that some of the "nice to's" get dropped, it means that i have to take on more of the daily chores. it means that i have to ask some of the volunteers if they are willing to give us a hand during the week with a few of the dog baths and poop and scooping the yards.... ripples in the saints pond of difficult decisions.

i spent the better part of the afternoon blinking back tears of despair..but really tears are just wasted time and energy, i need to find other ways that we can save and cut back expenses even is a truth in rescue..when the money runs out you either do what you have to or you pack it in and go home.

since i am home...i guess i better do what needs to be done.

i foresee a bunch of "rescue really sucks (more than usual)" posts...please bear with me, hopefully things will get better before too long.

and the quickie news...
harvey went home with nicole today..he is going to be so very happy and so is she!

lola is starting a post op surgical site infection so we started her on antibiotics and pain control.

cali moved back into the medical room, she was happier living over there. with angie's loss, cali moved back...she is very happy to be there again.



i hate to say this but i cann ot come on sunday either, it is my sisters birthday and i am going into town on sat night to spend it with her she needs the company. also i will not be here next weekend at all as i will be in salmon arm babysitting my grandkids. my sons 40th birthday and he is going to las vegas with his wife. see you tomorrow though.


Tammy, you are Phoebe's pimp!

And YAAAYYYY!!!! for Harvey and Nicole!!! That's my smile for the day. :)


It was wonderful to be at SAINTS today for the photo shoot. As usual, the animals were delightful and the people who work so hard to ensure their well-being restore my faith in humanity!

Love that Al, and Daphne - what a hoot. I'm sure my finger will heal.


dido to Tammy :) Sorry about Louise she did such a great job her loss will be hard on Carol and the volunteers but what you said is sad but true ... you gotta do what you gotta do and you can only DO so much with the funds you have.


So glad Cali is back in her comfort zone. I hope Stripe doesn't miss her cupboardmate too much.