Rescue Journal

safety lecture

Carol  ·  Apr. 10, 2010

lola's pathology is back on that tumour...malignant, aggressive, highly metastatic..there were clumps of malignant cells in the surgical margins...lola is palliative.

yoshi-mon's xray was inconclusive...can't tell if the growth is prostate or bladder. his bloodwork was not bad...early liver disease, anemia. we will go ahead and remove his abcessed teeth, neuter him (if it is a beign tumour in his prostate neutering will make it go away) and while he is under, inject dye into his bladder, re-xray and see what the xray says then.

little big bud went into foster care with erin today (yay bud and erin!).....hope it is a good fit, but if not, he comes back.

and safety reminders...
perdy bit one of the volunteers today, perdy was in the process of jumping esther when a hand got in the way.note to everyone...make sure the entire way is clear in both taking perdy out AND in bringing her back again...bodies move around here quickly, never assume no one is in the way.

jesse almost bit today too....reminder to everyone to please pay attention to his (and everyone elses but especially jesse's) body language..if they don't like something, they do say so before they bite. i don't want them biting because we are not just makes it easier for them to bite again each time they are successful.

the only one they should be intentionally trying to bite here is me..sometimes i have to do things that piss them off but i know i am going to get bit so i put on a muzzle so they can't be successful.

daphne fell in the pond...she does not swim so jenn had to save her...i guess daph needs to be watched like a hawk around deep water..(ie anything deeper than 3 inches).

.and a last reminder note...please, please, the doors and gates, the mp blind dogs almost got out again is all of our responsibilities to ensure that we are watching constantly...visitors do not know that our animals are quick...but we do. i am considering padlocking that door leads directly into the driveway.....if someone gets out and we don't see them, we will be scraping their blind bodies off the road...none of us want that to happen.

there are 130 roaming and not too bright animals around here...we all have to be awake and on guard for any kind of possible danger to them, to visitors and to ourselves...most accidents that happen are preventable and most are caused by human error or inattention.
lets keep everytbody safe...and i encourage everyone to step up and if they see something bad about to happen, it is ok to say or do something about it. don't be afraid that you are not "the boss".... when i am not here, you guys are the boss for keep these guys safe and happy for me.

ok lecture done.



Jesse gives VERY outright signals. Besides Al, he's the easiest to read.

Re the gates/doors leading right onto the road....I know the funds are not there right now, but what about gates across the entrances to the 2 driveways? They could be keyed and volunteers have the code? That way if the farm guys or the blind guys got out, they would still be contained.