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Posted for Renee (there is a petition in the kitchen at saints that needs signatures too...i put it on top of the toaster oven!)

Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2010

I am trying to help end horse slaughter in Canada. Please read this note as its very important. Horses are shipped from all over Canada and the USA to one of seven slaughter houses in Canada. While on the journey they are not provided with food or water and they are in unsafe, over crowded trailers. The conditions they are kept in while at the slaughter houses are equally terrible often again with little to no food or water. When the time to slaughter them is here, they are stunned with a bolt that was originally made for cows, (horses are a lot harder to stun as they are skittish and head shy), often they are still concious while being hoisted up by their back legs and cut open to bleed out (again often while still awake). All this just to ship the meat overseas to be eaten in fancy resturants.

**The slaughter houses in Mexico are even worse as instead of a stun gun they just stab the horses spinal cord repeatedly with a knife.

Please there are things you can do to help, youtube horse slaughter for yourself and see exactly what im talking about (please be warned VERY GRAPHIC)

Also visit this website to find more ways to help

Together we can stop this, dont just pretend its not happening...



you have opened my eyes' up alot to animal care, yes i have been won of those who have been turning a blind eye to it all.. just because i cannot cope with all of the crulity to these aniamls,, it breaks my heart, but i am willing to get stronger here and do something about all of this, since the (babies) have know voice... yes there babies.... there innocents.... and we need to take care of them....we need to get stronger in are voices'''


I started to write a long rambling post about these practices and then erased it all. I guess all I have to say is this inhumane treatment of the horses, and the wild horse round-ups going on make me sick to my stomach. Dear God, please help them.