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juggling the jerks

Carol  ·  Apr. 14, 2010

we have 9 primary jerkoid dogs that we have to juggle around while trying to reduce their jerky impact on everyone else.

dusty, lucky and reggie are stable enough in the mp building so they no longer actually require continued juggling of dogs.

Yes, we ARE doing well in the MP Room
Reggie the Ball DogReggie Dusty the Blind DiabeticDusty Lucky the BlindLucky

but..phoebe, perdy, kodi, griffin and the mini peke freak, do have their issues which does impact the others in the main house building.

WHAT? Us Trouble?

Chance the crazy pekeChance

Kodi the Cattle DogKodiPheobePheobe

perdy is pretty much stable except for the risks in getting her in and out. phoebe was stable til i needed her entraceway for gwen to heal she is loose in the house and becoming a real problem again.


there is one new dog coming in...the spca has been holding her until we had room for the past 3 weeks. she is a crippled, senior shepherd. my original plan was to send gwen home last week and have the new shep girl, replace gwen's shepherdness here. gwen of course, wrecked that plan by blowing one of the implants in her knee...and i cannot put off the new girl any longer so i am picking her up today.

not sure how we will deal and juggle any more if the new girl shows any jerky tendencies..but we really have little choiice but to find a way to figure it out if worse comes to worse.

my biggest issues right now are kodi, griffin and the pissy peke freak...kodi is upsetting the entire group in both the bedroom and big dog area...while griffin and chance mess up the others in the rest of the house.

andy, jesse and al will not willingly or happily move out of the big dog room and they are kind of mad at me that i am more and more, inflicting kodi on them to cut down on the chaos in the too crowded with little and overly reactive farts, bedroom.

There is no Way are we moving Lady



kodi and jesse can't be with cats so they have to be on that side of the house. griffin and chance are just mean little bastards who scare the others without even actually touching anyone.

what to do? what to do?..... besides nuking the problem childs....(not really an option because pain in the assers do not quite qualify for knocking off.)

i should maybe emotionally devastate all of the needy bed buddies and move them out and move all the pain in the butts in with me,,,oh yay, that would be fun and i would never get any sleep.

i could move my bed into the big dog room, take the bed buddies and some good guys with me and leave the ex-bedroom for just the hounds from hell.

it is a good idea, it would work for all of them here..that room is much bigger and could hold the good guys more comfortably......except that room is wall to wall and floor to ceiling windows and i really do not want my bed in the middle of a freaking fish bowl.

that would suck, big time for me.

anyway..i am thinking on solutions, if anyone has any great ideas..i welcome your thoughts.



Yes, you're right. I was not thinking of Kodi's inherent instincts, from his type of breed.


Awww, I was thinking about Kodi. Now that's a dog that NEEDS a job. He's a herder to the core. To segregate him to the office would, I think, be detrimental to his mental well being. And just mean. The boy is doing what his breed was meant to do. Herd. Herd. And keep herding. That's his special thing. What he needs is to be adopted to a breed savvy home.

( Carol! Tell everyone about Kodi's roll and yip today! )


Excellent summation, Colleen. Or, Carol can move in with "Peace and Quiet"- hopefully, she'll get some, then. They sleep outside and don't like their little house, anyways. I suppose they wouldn't mind...just as long as her entourage of hound doggies don't follow her there!
(Which is, I guess- wishful thinking).


Oh oh...see what's happening here?

Your bedroom has already shifted over once. Now...if you shift over to the big dog room, then some other jerkoid starts up, your next shift will end up in a tent ( or the goat shed )in the backyard. Careful with your shifting! :)


No offense, but you kinda already live in a fish bowl... except there is no fish there. Just lots and lots of assorted hound doggies and some kitty cats, some very fat kitty cats, I might add. And also one ferocious one as I have recently been witness to (Frodo).
Suggestions? Hmm.. I thought maybe move Mr. cattle dog into Reggie's room and move Reg into the main? Reg jumped onto the couch in the main mp area today and looked like he wanted to stay there... after our walk today. Or one of your other dogs. Gwen?