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Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2010

today was our full student day...28 vet assistent students at saints today...this was a one off week...usually we alternate half the class one week, the other half the next but today was the whole class. they really seem to enjoy themselves here....percy likes them alot because they have many pony tails for him to suck on. their group class picture was all of them huddled up against a resting percy and emily out in the field..i want a copy of that picture. where else could you find such photographically accomondating bovines?

Yeah. We're Kinda a big deal around here
cow family

these students are so kind and thoughtful...they all pooled together and brought up a cash donation to go towards our vet bills. and one of the students got his father to donate a dremil so now we can engrave the animals memorial stones so their names do not wash away in the rain.

little big bud is home again...he just was too unhappy when his foster family were away at school and at work. he doesn't seem to be too upset to be home again so i am glad about that.

Daphne Loves Lil' Big Bud
Lil' Big Bud

4lane was off to the vet today...he is losing weight, getting weaker and not eating much lately. we drew some blood and they gave him some sc fluids but both the vet and i think that 4lane is reaching the end of his life. the bloodwork will be back tomorrow, i guess we will know for sure then. he was upset by having to give blood, so when he was done, i rocked him in my arms while i talked to the vet. gawd...for such a little trouble causing asshole, he really is utterly sweet. he snuggled right in and laid his head against my shoulder, so glad to once again be safe in my arms. 4lane is such an odd little someways the sweetest and gentlest dog in the world and in others, he is an unholy all depends what species and gender you are and what kind of mood he is in at that moment.

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i hope he suddenly developed something like diabetes...that we can manage..but i don't think it is that at all.

the yoshi-mon also went to the vet, he is for his surgeries tomorrow...neuter, dental and extractions and contrast dye inserted into his bladder for xray....all i am going to say about yoshi is...he is a freaking pain in the ass in the car. next time i take him anywhere, he will be locked inside a crate.

Yoshi-mon in the Medical Room

i was going to have cookies and milk for dinner but those bastard bedroom dogs (actually kodi and bailey) stole my girl guide cookies off my dresser. they also stole the bag of malted easter eggs that i like so much that jenn had given me i have to wait a whole another year to get any again!

and don't bother telling me i shouldn't be eating cookies for dinner..i had a good lunch because jackie and donna came and took me to the springs for lunch today. (thank you guys...and thank you for all of the liver brownies and tennis balls too!)

weeeelllll..i better do some more laundry, have a bath and do the bedtime pills..i only got a couple of hours of sleep last night cuz i was busy worrying in my head about a bunch of stuff...last time i looked at the clock, it was 3 am and i was up by 6 am for some reason..i need to learn to sleep in on my days off.

(jenn doesn't have any pictures of laundry mountains...too bad it would go good with this post.

I (Jenn) have edited this post to add photos and this comment: HA, That's what you think ....

and for my finale .... ta da

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