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vet updates

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2010

yoshi is still under anaesthetic, getting more teeth pulled..his prostate was enlarged and they found a testicular tumour so samples of both are going for pathology to see what kind they are.

4lanes bloodwork is back..he is starting full renal shutdown. i booked his euthanization appointment for monday and renee will be taking him home saturday morning for the weekend again, he really likes going to her place. it will be nice for him to have a good weekend with her before he ends his life. if he hits a crises before monday, she will call and we will either get him into our vets or head to the emergency clinic to help him pass if he needs. hopefully this will work out well for him because we want his last couple of days to be the happiest that they can.

you are a total pain in the ass 4lane, but we all really and truly do love you.

4Lane by the pond with Carol
4lane by the pond with Carol



I echo Mo in saying thanks to Renee for giving him the gift of a full time you for his last days. That's such a wonderful gift.


So very grateful that 4lane landed at SAINTS! While he hasn't been there near as long as many of the others he seems to certainly have left an impression. Prayers for the grandest of weekends and may you be greeted by many friends at The Bridge. You are loved and will be missed, 4lane.


4Lane for me is one of those unassuming dogs who goes about his business & if need be when he feels it is necessary he reaches into himself to let forth the tiger within, he is my Mister Bobble-head and for the times when he has chosen to join us in the barn I will always be grateful,thank you Renee for being his best buddy & giving him the gift of you for these last few days'


im sorry carol, whats full renal shutdown? all the organs at the same time?


That's sweet for you to take 4lane home with you for the weekend, Renee.
Have a great one,4lane. Bless you.


aww we will miss you 4lane, be a good boy and i am sure kodi will miss you also.


What a beautiful picture, thanks for posting. Have the best weekend ever 4lane! (hugs to all)