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oh gawd...

Carol  ·  Apr. 21, 2010

i had to watch/listen to every freaking episode of zena, warrior princess when jenn was a just about killed me (gag)....please jenn, not about we watch the man from snowy river instead???...i think i have part one and two?
and sorry..i have misplaced my cell phone (maybe it is in the car?) anyway i hope you have not been calling me, but i will stop in to check on you on my way to work.

jewel and nina are not good this morning, i am going to have to do something about both of them soon.


yoshi's pathology reports are back...both of the prostate and testicular tumours were non cancerous so that is good.


eddy is puking today..not sure what that is all about..but he looks pretty horrified by it all.


well..i better poke the diabetics, do the cardiacs and get dressed for work.

i will see you about 8am jenn...have your "need " list ready cuz the first visit will be a quick one (i will spend more time with you at noon.)



Just wanted to see how much I like the photos. Carol, I enjoy your blog but the photos are great because I can put a name to a face.


Don't forget the next Shelter Challenge starts on May 17th and ends on August 22nd.


I just received an email stating Shelter Challenge winners have been announced, I see SAINTS listed as one of the International winners. Yeah!!

cheryl and stef

Carol, Not sure if you received our email regarding coming out to clip Lahanie Stefanie is off as of Sunday and not back to work until the thursday so next week is open to come out .